FlippingBook Publisher Release: Enhanced Publication, Text Selection, Hardcover, and More

Here at FlippingBook, our top priority is to help you create great content to achieve your marketing and sales goals. This year has been challenging for many of us and we have been working really hard to make our fresh release as efficient as ever for you.

So today we’re happy to announce that our new FlippingBook Publisher 2021.1 release is here! It brings you a revamped publication with a fresh streamlined look and a whole bunch of exciting digital perks.

Watch our video or read on to learn more.


Reimagined Publication

An all-new reimagined FlippingBook publication has a fresh streamlined look and lifelike reading experience. Keeping the reader in mind, we’ve made your flipbook even more realistic and aesthetically pleasant to read. 

What’s more, we’ve carried out research on how the real books look and feel so now the shadows and gradients on the pages of your publications are more subtle and authentic. And the new page thickness, exactly as in a physical copy, allows your clients to jump to any page of your flipbook—just by clicking on the fore-edge. 

The page-flipping effect in your publication has also become smoother, faster, and more responsive. 

Check out this nice-looking catalog and see for yourself.

Simpsons - Showers Catalog


Text Selection

We’ve created an unrivaled tech—Text Selection, that works even better than in a PDF.  Now, when your clients are looking through your flipbooks, they can select any text they find important, copy it in one click, and then share it with their colleagues—for example, via email or messengers. Plus, if a client has a question about an item in your brochure or catalog, they can send you a link to the whole page with the text they selected. The item will be highlighted, so you can discuss it in detail which makes your communication with clients easier and faster.



After carrying out research on how to improve your readers’ experience, we’ve added an opportunity to set a nice-looking authentic hardcover with proper binding. You can see the hardcover both in an open and closed publication as in a real book. So if you create digital books or textbooks for your audience, a hardcover is just what you need.


Flexible Logo

Previously, if your logo was too large, it could be covered with your flipbook. Now your clients will clearly see the logo at all times—no matter the size. It’s automatically adjusted to fit right into your publication whether it’s opened or closed. And if you want to display your content on a website, the logo will be visible in embeds of any size. Creating brand awareness and authenticity with your flipbooks has never been easier.


Improved Slide Mode

We’ve reworked the Slide mode—it’s now even more convenient to go through your digital presentations, business proposals, and art albums. All the pages are adjusted to look their best in the Slide mode. So if your flipbook has wide pages, you can transform it into a stylish online presentation with digital perks, and pull it up on a tablet during a meeting to impress your clients.


See for Yourself

We hope that the new rebranded publications will help you make the best impression on your readers and achieve more with your marketing and sales activities.

Go ahead and download our newest FlippingBook Publisher 2021.1. Check out the full list of new features and fixes in the release notes


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