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Make your marketing materials or publications an integral part of your platform! Convert PDFs into digital flipbooks and embed them right into webpages with FlippingBook.

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Seamless visual experience for your readers

Imagine people browsing your website and being able to flip through your product catalogs, digital brochures, or online magazines right on the go. With FlippingBook, you don’t have to imagine—you can embed PDFs as online flipbooks right into your website.

An embedded flipbook with a realistic page turn effect not only looks smart but also works great as an interactive element in your content ensemble. See for yourself!

How to embed a flipbook

It’s so easy to convert a PDF into an online flipbook and embed it into a website with our professional online flipbook software. Just follow these four simple steps and you’ll be displaying your interactive flipbooks on a web page in no time.


Upload your document to FlippingBook to convert PDF into HTML5 and create a digital flipbook. The conversion will take 1-2 minutes. When it’s finished, you can embed the flipbook as it is, but we recommend customizing it first.


Move on to customization and create a unique look for your online flipbook. Choose from the 24 ready background skins or upload your own. Add branding and interactivity. Enable or disable Google search and sharing options.


Now, as your flipbook is ready, you can embed it. To do this, choose embedding as a sharing option. You can decide what your embedded PDF will look like on the page—a cover preview or an actual interactive publication.


After choosing one of the two embedding types, copy your flipbook's embed code and add it to your webpage. Your online publication will appear in all its interactive glory.

Easy to use

Flipbook embeds are as simple to use as they are to create. Your readers can easily navigate through an embedded PDF file right on the page of your website with the help of an interactive table of contents, thumbnails, and advanced text search. Readers can also add notes to mark a certain paragraph or a product they plan on returning to later, or even share selected text by copying the link to it.

Easy navigation

Easy to update

Noticed a typo or an item that needs to be replaced in the flipbook you’ve already published and embedded? Don’t worry! You don’t need to change the embed code every time you want to change something in your digital document. Just update the PDF in your flipbook and the embedded version will be updated automatically at the very same instant.


By converting and embedding PDFs with FlippingBook, you can turn your static digital documents into eye-catching interactive elements of your site. Relevant videos and outbound links will entertain your readers and diversify your content thus working wonders for viewer engagement. GIFs and inline pictures can liven up even the most text-heavy page. And readers of an online catalog or, say, a real estate brochure will be able to see the items they’re interested in in detail via pop-up images.

Interactive PDF Interactive PDF Interactive PDF

Matching your brand

If you want to truly make your digital documents a part of your platform, our branding tools will come in handy. Make the color palette and the background of your embedded flipbook match your brand colors. Add a clickable logo and a favicon. Achieve complete brand integrity by getting a custom URL. This way, if anyone shares your catalog or ebook outside of your website, your branded flipbook will always lead people back to you.

Flipbook Flipbook Select color


Our customization options and 24 ready design templates are here to help you create a polished refined look and feel for every PDF, playing up its content. And with the smooth, lifelike page flip effect, your embedded PDF will look like an actual printed publication only put online. Nothing says business better than this.

Select skin

Embed examples

Check out what your PDFs can look like when embedded on a website!

Great for marketing

You can do so much more than just add a PDF to a website with FlippingBook. We have a lot of powerful marketing tools to help you promote your publications.

  • Track viewers, views, and other statistics of publications to understand what content sells best.

  • Add a lead capture form to any page of your embedded flipbook to generate new leads and follow up with them.

  • Boost your SEO performance by making your flipbooks searchable on Google and other search engines.

Mobile-friendly Mobile-friendly


Unlike regular cumbersome PDFs, embedded flipbooks are mobile-friendly and can be viewed easily on any device. They always open fast, look awesome, and are easy to navigate both from a cell phone screen and your home PC. And you don’t need to download them first so your mobile data usage limit won’t suffer.

Safe to share

Embed an ebook or a magazine on your website and know for sure that your content is well protected from unwanted sharing. For every flipbook you create with FlippingBook, you can decide whether you want it to be shared via a link, downloaded, or printed. You can also restrict embedding to your domain which means no one can take your flipbook and embed it anywhere else. This way, you always stay in control of your PDFs’ distribution.

Security Controls

Did you know, you can also creatively display flipbooks in…


To embed your PDF into a WordPress website, copy FlippingBook’s short embed code, and follow our guide. Your PDFs posted as flipbook embeds will look so much smarter than plain links!


You can also embed PDFs as flipbooks into your Squarespace website if you use the Squarespace Business plan or higher. Just copy the embed code and insert it into the page as a new Code Content Block. Follow our guide for more detailed instructions.

Basically, if you use a CMS that allows you to add custom code blocks, you can easily embed flipbooks with our online software. If you have any questions, ask our support—we are happy to help!


Embedding into a SharePoint site will require asking your website administrator for permission to embed from external domains. When it’s done, though, you can embed a flipbook into a SharePoint web page in just three simple steps: click the Plus icon to add a new web part, select the Embed Code option and then insert the embed code of the flipbook you want to add. That’s all! For a more detailed guide through SharePoint embedding, read our blog article here.


Facebook doesn’t support PDF embedding yet, however, sharing a link to an online flipbook already gives your document a more winning look than just a simple link to a PDF document. A link to your flipbook, inserted into a Facebook post, will automatically turn into a nice eye-catching preview of your digital publication. You can learn more about Facebook embedding from our article.

FlippingBook opens up a realm of possibilities with embedded videos to make robust and interactive materials. It has been a game-changer.
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