How Customer Reviews can Fuel Your Social Media Marketing Efforts (and Vice Versa)

Social media marketing isn’t the new, hip marketing technique it was ten years ago. Gone are the days where you’d check the Facebook app on your lunch break and maybe, just maybe see the occasional ad. Today, you can hardly open a social media platform without being bombarded by ads for everything from marketing automation software to the straightener/blow-dryer combo that you were thinking about splurging on but never said aloud.

I digress.

For marketers, it’s gotten increasingly difficult to ensure social media ads are eye-catching, compelling, and ultimately, cutting through the rest of the noise. Pair this with the struggle of being both creative and accurate, and you’ll quickly realize that social media marketers have their work cut out for them.

Luckily, customer reviews can help.

Using customer reviews to fuel your social media marketing strategy is a trend that’s already taken industries by storm, but fear not – there’s still time to jump in.

We’ll tell you how, but first, let’s talk about why you’d want to promote customer reviews in the first place.


Why Promote Reviews?

Review platforms are great, but letting reviews live there and only there is a missed opportunity.

If you’re not promoting reviews across a variety of channels, you may be missing out on valuable leads or customers. And when displaying reviews can increase conversion rates by 270%, you’d be silly to not feature them wherever they may fit.

Put simply, reviews provide social proof. Historically, advertisements have been created to make your product or service appear to be the best of the best. But consumers are smart and these days, they’ll see right through that.

If you want to reassure consumers that your offering is really as good as you say it is, then prove it. That’s right – feature the voice of the customer.


How Customer Reviews Can Fuel Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Alright, you’ve hired a social media marketer, bought the best social media suite in the business, and updated all of your social profiles with your latest branding.

So, now what?

Now, it’s all about posting content that converts, and ultimately, helps your team push the needle on its goals. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of four ways that customer reviews and social media marketing can work together – it won’t take long to realize they’re a true match made in heaven.


#1 Use reviews to write better ad copy

Customer reviews won’t just help you write better ad copy, they’ll practically write it for you! Ads, in all forms, haven’t always been the most truthful, which, at best, leaves consumers skeptical. Supplementing your ad copy with real quotes from your verified-user reviews will help to legitimize your offering. It takes away the guessing. You can go a step further and take advantage of positive reviews in the regular content you post on social media. Always keep track of your posts' performance using suitable social media analytics tools and identify what review copy works best for increasing engagement.

If you decide to test this out, there’s one important rule to follow: the more detailed, the better. “This venue made my wedding a day I will absolutely never forget,” is much more impactful than, “Great service!” The reviews you choose should paint a picture for your prospective customer, set you apart from your competitors, and show off the best your company has to offer. Extra points if the quote features some quantifiable data, like the example below.



#2 Leverage reviews to create unique social graphics

Reviews, as well as the visual assets like badges and grids that are often given to high-performing companies, lend themselves to some unique and valuable social graphics. This is great news.

When it comes to posting on social media from your brand account, you should almost always have an accompanying visual. The graphic should be able to speak for itself (read: no stock images), but not overpower your message. Featuring data, badges, or both, like the example below, is an easy way to make a graphic that can stand alone and complement your messaging.



#3 Identify influencer marketing opportunities with loyal reviewers

We can’t talk about social media marketing in 2019 without mentioning influencer marketing, right?

Influencer marketing has taken the social media world by storm. But have you ever wondered how these brands actually find the individuals so willing to speak their praises?

Sure, some brands just go ask the most recent Bachelorette, but for the smaller companies, you should start by looking at your customer reviews. Identify your happiest customers – the ones who have left multiple glowing reviews – and ask yourself: could they represent our brand?

If the answer is yes, it may be worth looking into potential partnership opportunities. People often see through influencer partnerships. Partnering with somebody who already knows and loves your brand could be the difference between gaining a prospect's trust and losing them altogether.


#4 Drive even more reviews with social media

Luckily, social media marketing and customer reviews have a mutually beneficial relationship.

Your customers are likely already interacting with, or at least following your social profiles – why not leverage a relationship that already exists? Since so many consumers go to social media to give unprompted, informal feedback, your profiles are a great place to reach out to consumers and ask them outright.

For example, say a customer tweets at your brand account to highlight the stellar service they received. They’re already talking about your company, so this is an easy opportunity to ask for a review – more importantly, it’s an ask that’s pretty likely to be fulfilled.

It gets better, too. When customers see your brand actively seeking out reviews, and then sharing them after, they’ll realize you value feedback, and might be prompted to write a review themself!

Final Thoughts

You’re officially equipped to combine your social media marketing and customer review strategies. Using the tips above, you can start leveraging the customer reviews you do have, and drive even more reviews to use in the future.

So, what are you waiting for?


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