How a Manufacturing Company Uses FlippingBook to Share Proposals in a Modern and Secure Way

Manufacturing Company Case Study

FlippingBook is today's way of communicating. It lets us stand out as a progressive company in a very traditional, manual-service industry.
Sales Engineer at the Company

Industry: Manufacturing

Product: FlippingBook Publisher

One of our customers is a 150-employee manufacturing corporation based out of Chicago. The Company, established more than 120 years ago, is a recognized industry supplier of complex and innovative laundry, water heating, and wastewater equipment. Among its clients are hotel chains, hospitals, airlines, universities, and transportation companies from all over the United States.



The Company's marketing department creates several digital proposals each week, which adds up to about 200 documents a year. A typical pitch consists of a cover page, complete with some graphics and pictures of laundry machines, and three to ten pages of suitable equipment for the client's demand. For the final section, managers include support literature: maintenance guidelines, specification sheets, and layouts of how the appliances would fit the prospective customer's building.

A significant percentage of the Company's clients are big laundry unit owners—for example, service providers that pick up, wash, and deliver staff uniforms for food processing plants. In a B2B deal like this, impressive presentation, delivery speed, and security are the essential elements for a partnership that's going to last. The Company's proposals needed to look modern and professional, load quickly on any device, and have some means of protecting sensitive information like patented equipment designs.

However, the traditional approach for creating and sharing documents at the Company seemed outdated and inefficient. The team would prepare proposals in Excel, convert them to PDF files, and email those out individually. This made for bulky attachments that clients had to download, charts and numbers that would shift out of place on different screens, and potential security risks that all emails are subject to.

What we did before FlippingBook was really old-school. That's why we started looking for a tool that would help us present ourselves as a company that is more modern and up with the times.


The search for a better way to share their proposals led the Company to FlippingBook Publisher. The team appreciated the gentle learning curve that came with the new solution: they found it to be quite simple and user-friendly. Once a PDF proposal was uploaded to FlippingBook, marketing and sales managers could already send the direct link with the online publication to the client. What's more, they could password-protect the document for extra content security.

We were limited to what we could post on our website due to security reasons, so being able to protect every flipbook with its own password guaranteed safe sharing.

FlippingBook also allowed the Company to brand their proposals for a professional look, and make the documents interactive by embedding on-page videos. For each equipment piece, the team was able to add a video with in-depth maintenance tips for safety checks, standard operations, or cleaning routines. By incorporating multimedia elements, the Company not only saved space on the page, but also provided more detailed and engaging instructions compared to using text alone.



Today, the Company doesn't limit itself to just creating one type of document—they now use the software to share pricing guides with larger customers as well. FlippingBook also comes in handy at industry trade shows and conventions: if someone is interested in a piece of equipment and requests a proposal or wants to browse the full catalog, the team can generate a link for them on the spot, and share it immediately.

We like the fact that it's more streamlined to get the proposal to a customer, and easier for us to manage it all internally. It definitely saved us resources in terms of time and expenses.

Proposals made with FlippingBook Publisher are optimized for mobile viewing, and look great on any screen. The Company notes how easy it is to update the documents, too. If the team needs to add something to a proposal or wants to feature a new piece of equipment in the current catalog, they get to keep the same link and simply notify the customer that the file has been updated.

Overall, FlippingBook empowers the Company to stay ahead of the curve in terms of client communications and steer their future course for the manufacturing industry.

Being able to take our manual, conservative industry and present it with newer technology is the main value that FlippingBook gives us—keeping us on the same page with our clients.

Studies reveal that 51% of manufacturing companies struggle with moving past the traditional marketing mindset, and the static content formats that come with it. Using modern presentation tools for your sales collateral can set you apart as a forward-thinking brand, and create a better user experience for your customers. Are your proposals and catalogs capturing the attention they deserve?

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