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Anonymous Case Study: Manufacturing Company

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Business Information Manager at the Company

Industry: Manufacturing

Product: FlippingBook Publisher

Our customer is a large manufacturer of packaging materials in South Africa. With their reported revenue nearing $1 billion, they rank among the top 5 packaging manufacturers in the region. The Company makes all kinds of packaging materials out of metal, glass, paper, and plastics. It also has a world-class research and development department where they create new solutions and services for their own operations as well as their customers. 



The daily workflow of the research and development department consists of gathering information about new developments in the industry and then presenting their findings to senior management. This way, the Company keeps their employees up-to-date with the latest innovations, patents, marketing trends, etc.

In the past, they struggled with the format these presentations came in. The Company had a custom solution written specifically for them that was integrated into SharePoint. The solution provided them with a high-quality result, however, there were two considerable downsides to it.

It was rather expensive, and employees who didn't have SharePoint couldn't access the presentations.

To be able to provide all employees with vital information without hiccups, the Company had to look for an alternative solution.



The solution the Company was searching for had to meet three specific requirements. Firstly, it had to be cloud-based so that people could view the documents even without Intranet access when traveling or working from abroad. A cloud-based service would also allow the Company to reduce the load on their own network. Secondly, the solution had to be mobile-friendly. And, finally, it had to be reasonably priced.

The Company looked at various tools but all of them were either very costly or didn’t offer what the Company needed. Then they came upon FlippingBook.

Online documents created via FlippingBook could be sent as links and viewed from anywhere, on any device. The tool provided cloud space as well. Aside from that, the Company was pleasantly surprised with FlippingBook’s ease of use and quality customer support.

FlippingBook is very user-friendly, you don’t need any training to use it. The customer service was also very good—we appreciated their responsiveness both before the purchase and afterward.

In the end, the Company decided to go forward with FlippingBook.



FlippingBook has swiftly become an integral part of the Company’s daily routine. The research and development department spends most of the time looking for relevant information and structuring it into a presentation, but when it’s ready to go, actually publishing it online via FlippingBook takes no more than half an hour a day. 

Even though at first the only feature the Company considered crucial was adding a table of contents, they’ve since gotten into branding. Now, they can’t imagine not customizing their presentations to match their brand style. They also really appreciate the ability to print and edit individual pages, the search function, and other not-so-crucial features as well.

I personally love the nice little sound when you flip the page.

The Company has recently run a survey among their employees to learn what they think of the new format, and found that the majority is satisfied with the change. They’re now considering taking custom reports for their external clients to FlippingBook as well.

We’ve just renewed and upgraded our subscription. We are very happy with FlippingBook. 

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