Page flip effect for a real book feel online

Don’t sacrifice real book aesthetics when moving from print to digital. With FlippingBook page flip software, you can make a PDF look like a book that mimics your regular paper publications closely—except it’s much better.

Page flip effect for a real book feel online
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Turn the page for your digital publishing

Flipbooks are the only digital publishing solution that keeps a classic reading feel intact. And no one does flipbooks like FlippingBook. Your readers will enjoy sharp vector graphics, a handy table of contents, our responsive viewer, and a smooth, seamless page flip effect.

How to create a page flip pdf that looks stunning

Have you ever wondered how to add a page flip effect to your PDF? It’s actually very simple.

  • i

    Choose the PDF you want to look like a book and upload it to FlippingBook.

  • ii

    Customize it: choose its background, add interactivity, and more.

  • iii

    Showcase the page flip animation from the get-go with automatic page turning.

  • iv

    Get the link and share it via email, messenger, or social media.

That's it! Now your audience can delight in top-notch online reading with page flip animation!

Create yours

What makes them real

The online flipbooks made via our PDF page flip converter look just like the books on your shelves. How? The details are the key.

Gulliver book Gulliver book

Page thickness

Thanks to the life-like thickness of your flipbook, your readers can see their reading progress just by looking at the fore-edge.


Just like the page flip effect, natural shadows in your digital book can bring it closer to life. You can decide how deep you want them to be.

Cover options

A glossy softcover rocks for magazines and brochures, whereas a hardcover gives your ebooks a more realistic, old-fashioned look.

Page-flip sound

The cozy sound of page flipping also makes interacting with your PDF feel like reading an actual physical book on the screen. You can turn it off if you like, too.

Cup Plant A

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Flip as you like

Digital books made via FlippingBook are really flexible when it comes to flipping pages. We have six ways for easy book flipping, including ADA-compliant options. Use the page flip effect you prefer, and even set the pages to flip automatically if you want

Flip by dragging

Flip by dragging

Drag the page to feel like you’re turning the pages of a real book.

Flip by scrolling

Flip by scrolling

Just keep scrolling up and down to turn pages with minimum effort.

Flip by clicking

Flip by clicking

Click the page edge or the background next to it to turn the page of your PDF.

Jump by clicking

Jump by clicking

Click the page you need on the fore-edge to open it right away.

Flip with arrow buttons

Flip with arrow buttons

Press the arrow on either side of the flipbook for easy page flip.

Flip with arrow keys

Flip with arrow keys

Use cursor movement keys on your keyboard to flip the pages.

Selectable text

Along with the page flip effect, FlippingBook’s truly unrivaled feature is selectable text. Your reader can copy any useful information on a page in one click and share it via messenger or email. They can also just send a link to the page with the highlighted text—for example, to discuss a sentence that struck them the most.

Any kind of publication

Don’t limit yourself to ebooks. Any PDF will benefit from being turned into a smart-looking online publication with page flip animation, whether it’s a magazine or a catalog. See for yourself!

Authentic look on any device Authentic look on any device

Authentic look on any device

Digital publications with a page flipping effect made via FlippingBook are as comfortable to flip through on mobile devices as they are on a desktop. Whether your reader uses a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone to read, your digital flipbooks will look awesome on any screen.

Intuitive navigation

Your readers will have no problem navigating your content. Even if your flipbook is 2,000 pages long, they’ll be able to find things in seconds with an interactive table of contents, thumbnails, and text search.

Intuitive navigation
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Extra features

To make creating digital books just like real ones easier.

  • Design and branding

    Heighten your flipbook’s style with a matching background and a color palette. Add a logo and favicon to promote your brand.

  • Right-to-left flipping

    Flipbooks in right-to-left languages are automatically created with the RTL page flip. You can also set it manually in settings.

  • Custom numeration

    Set any page of your online flipbook as the first one to match the page numeration in the print and digital versions of your ebook.

Digital bookshelf

Share not one but multiple digital books at once by creating bookshelves with FlippingBook Publisher, our desktop software for Windows. You can customize the shelves to match your brand and style, and organize the order of flipbooks within each collection. Control over access and sharing makes it easy to deliver your content to different groups of people. And you can embed a virtual bookshelf right into your website, too!

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