12 Best Tools for Marketers in 2024

Best Tools for Marketers

The marketing landscape has shifted drastically in the past decade, and this shift will only accelerate. Marketers need to prepare the right course of action for the future and equip themselves well with the best digital marketing tools available to make their business stand out.

Here in this article we will explore top 12 tools that no digital marketer should miss out on in 2024. From creating a flipbook catalog and monitoring your brand presence online to email automation and, of course, AI—these tools will help you nail any marketing goals you’ve set for your business this year.


#1 FlippingBook

If you’ve been racking your brain over how to turn your PDF marketing materials into powerful brand promotion tools, look no further. FlippingBook allows you to convert any PDF into an interactive, branded publication available online as a direct link. Your document becomes an extension of your brand with your corporate background, favicon, and a clickable logo bringing engagement and traffic to your site. 

Plus, you can take your brand story beyond your plain PDF: not only will FlippingBook provide you with a lifelike, animated format for your marketing collateral, but it will also let you enrich it with various media, like videos or GIFs.

Additionally, you can explore how your new branded marketing materials perform on the web with FlippingBook’s built-in stats. Learn anything—from audience engagement on each page to how often they clicked on your company logo. 

Key elements:

  • Empower your brand presence on the web with premium branding tools.
  • Create a branded direct link to your marketing content for higher click rates.
  • Customize your marketing collateral with interactive elements, such as videos, links, pop-ups, etc.
  • Track engagement and performance with built-in analytics.

Compatibility: web-based, desktop

Pricing: free trial available, paid plans start at $25/month  

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#2 Movavi Video Editor

Marketers can use both professional and beginner video editors, but if you seek the perfect balance of features and ease of use, check out Movavi Video Editor. This drag-and-drop digital marketing software will help you bring your vision to life, whether you want to create an engaging product demo or a quality instruction on how to use your product. 

Movavi Video Editor provides different tools for optimizing your video and audio, like motion tracking, picture-in-picture, video stabilization, chroma key, equalizer, etc. Plus, your videos will be fast and easy to make with intros, animated titles, text overlays, transitions, effects, and other things. You can then export your videos in different formats and resolutions to Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, and other platforms.

Key elements:

  • Drag and drop media into the timeline for quick video editing.
  • Use a collection of intros, backgrounds, music, sound effects, etc.
  • Enhance video and audio with tools like color correction, video stabilization, equalizer, noise reduction, and more.
  • Export to social media, messengers, or via link.

Compatibility: desktop

Pricing: free trial available, paid plans start at $54.95/year 


#3 Jasper

AI has stepped into marketing a while ago and is now transforming it rapidly. You can find AI digital marketing tools for article writing, image and video creation, data analysis, and so on. One of such tools is Jasper, which enables marketers to create high-quality written content quickly and easily. 

This AI marketing tool uses the power of natural language processing (NPL) technology to make articles for your website and social media posts, generate text for marketing ads, create engaging emails, and more. Jasper also offers templates for content creation, rephrasing, generating topic ideas and short paragraphs, and other things. The tool comes with a chat feature that helps you interact with the AI to get answers to specific questions and make adjustments to the content. 

Also, Jasper’s newly introduced feature Brand Voice allows marketers to create content that reflects the company’s brand voice and style, so it can be a useful asset for various marketing tasks.

Key elements:

  • AI content generation.
  • Various features for different purposes (article writer, paragraph writer, topic ideas generator, content summarizer, etc.).
  • Multiple templates for social media, ecommerce platforms, ads, and more.
  • Jasper Chat to generate content based on the question entered.
  • Brand Voice feature to tailor content to a company's desired style.

Compatibility: web-based

Pricing: free trial available, paid plans start at $49/month 


#4 Canva

Everyone knows that visuals bring engagement. And Canva provides you with the opportunity to freshen up your content with gorgeous designs. You can create flyers, presentations, flipbooks, business cards, logos—nearly everything. With an extensive library of templates, images, and design elements, it’s easy to make your brand visually appealing without any prior design experience.

Canva provides access to a huge library of stock images, videos, music tracks, and other useful things to design your content. You can also share the project with your team via link and work together in real-time.

Key elements:

  • Create designs optimized for various platforms and formats.
  • Choose from thousands of customizable templates and styles.
  • Include media, visual elements, and text overlays.
  • Use stock libraries to add music, chart style, images, etc.
  • Collaborate with team members in real-time.

Compatibility: web-based, desktop

Pricing: free plan, paid plans start at $12.99/month 



Large files can be a real problem, especially when sharing them online. We all struggle when sending a file that is too large for email, messenger, or other platforms. This is where MASV comes to the rescue. You can simplify your file transfer process: just drag and drop the files you need, protect them with a password, and share the link. You can send up to 15 TB via email, and there’s no limit on how many files you can send at once. 

The software also provides an automatic feature to send files, which saves a lot of time—the program launches a specific task and transfers all the files automatically to where they need to go.

Key elements:

  • Send large files in one step.
  • Boost delivery speed with file acceleration.
  • Use watch folders to automate file transfers.
  • Secure your files with encryption and passwords.

Compatibility: web-based, desktop

Pricing: free trial available, paid plans start at $40/month


#6 Sender

Relevant, timely, and personalized emails can be a great way to boost your digital marketing efforts. Sender is great for creating, scheduling, and sending emails. With this tool, you can segment your email list according to the engagement rate, source of acquisition, or any other criteria, and send personalized messages to your audience. 

The UI allows you to drag and drop the necessary elements to design your email, and Sender provides a variety of customizable templates if you don’t want to make everything yourself. It also helps you analyze your campaigns and measure the performance of each email sent out.

Key elements:

  • Drag and drop elements to create your perfect email.
  • Choose from a variety of customizable email templates.
  • Personalize your emails with dynamic content and merge tags.
  • Track the performance of your emails with real-time analytics.

Compatibility: web-based

Pricing: free plan, paid plans start at $10/month 


#7 Whatagraph

Whatagraph is a powerful reporting and analytics data platform that helps marketers connect different data sources, visualize information, and generate insightful reports. With its customizable templates and easy-to-understand visualizations, users can create a visual representation of their marketing campaigns and see how well they perform to make data-driven decisions.

Whatagraph’s recently launched data transfer workflow allows even non-technical users to move data easily from diverse marketing sources to a BigQuery data warehouse for safe storage and in-depth analysis. The tool also offers automatic report generation to simplify the process of creating and sending reports.

Key elements:

  • Create customizable reports for clients, team members, or marketing campaigns with a wide range of visualization options.
  • Connect to multiple data sources, including Google Analytics, social media, and e-commerce platforms.
  • Schedule code-free data transfers to a fully managed client’s data warehouse.
  • Automate report generation and delivery to your team or clients.

Compatibility: web-based

Pricing: free trial available, paid plans start at $223/month


#8 Midjourney

We've mentioned image creation before, and Midjourney is that and so much more. It's a chat bot available on Discord that uses machine learning algorithms and AI-driven commands to generate fantastic images. All you need is write a prompt, wait for a couple of minutes, and have the picture ready for downloading and sharing.

Make sure your prompts are very specific, since you’re talking to a bot, and not assigning a job to your design team. So if your prompt is “a hummingbird flying to a flower”, provide other details and tags, like the desired quality, style, and graphics type. Make sure to add descriptive adjectives as well, and you'll get a stunning result. For instance, here's what you can get.

Prompt: A small hummingbird bird flies to a colorful and blooming flower Campsis radicans against the backdrop of a picturesque summer field in watercolor style

Key elements:

  • Use prompts to generate beautiful images.
  • Specify your prompts for greater control over the results.

Compatibility: web-based (via Discord only)

Pricing: free trial available, paid plans start at $10/month


#9 Awario

Any business needs to track how well it performs on various platforms, right? In particular, you need to track and analyze conversations about your business online. Awario helps you monitor the mentions of your brand, as well as of relevant influencers and competitors across the Internet.

With this tool, you can gain valuable insights into customer sentiment and create reports to correct your marketing strategy. For example, if someone talks positively or negatively about your business on Twitter or Instagram, you'll receive a notification. Or you can just type in a keyword, and the program will show you how often and where it was mentioned.

Key elements:

  • Monitor mentions of your brand, products, and competitors across social media platforms using specific keywords.
  • Discover trending topics and hashtags relevant to your industry.
  • Analyze the sentiment and reach of your social media conversations.
  • Identify influencers and potential brand advocates.
  • Generate comprehensive reports.

Compatibility: web-based

Pricing: free trial available, paid plans start at $39/month


#10 Venngage

Venngage is a graphic design tool that specializes in creating infographics, charts, mind maps, collages, and other engaging data visualizations. With an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, users can quickly create infographics with text titles, icons, charts, backgrounds, etc. You can also access numerous ready-made templates, which will save you time when working on your design.

Key elements:

  • Choose from multiple infographic and chart templates.
  • Customize your designs with various elements—page style and size, images, logos, fonts, and colors.

Compatibility: web-based

Pricing: free plan, paid plans start at $19/month


#11 Content at Scale

Long-form blog content is a must when it comes to digital marketing. It builds your authority, showcases your expertise, and gains customers’ trust. That’s why tools like Content at Scale are so powerful. This AI writer can generate 2,500+ word articles in minutes. Give the AI a keyword, a podcast, a YouTube video, or a source URL, and it will write an original, research-backed, SEO-friendly article that can pass AI content detection. It’s as simple as that.

Content at Scale features a powerful suite of tools for the content marketer. It has an SEO content analysis tool that gives you recommended keywords and entities, an optimization ranking score, and research on the top ranking pages on Google, which it uses to write your content. The platform also has a built-in AI detector and plagiarism checker.

Key elements:

  • AI long-form SEO content writer.
  • Multiple inputs (keyword, podcast, YouTube video, source URL).
  • Powerful SEO tools.
  • Accurate AI content detection.
  • End-to-end publishing with WordPress and Shopify integration.

Compatibility: web-based

Pricing: 7-day trial at $39.99, plans start at $250/month


#12 WiserNotify

Converting website visitors into customers can be a challenge for online businesses. Wisernotify can help you with that. It's a widely trusted social proof and FOMO marketing solution that converts traffic into more sales, demo, and leads. 

The tool shows notification messages on your website, informing visitors about the actions of others. Whether it's a recent purchase, current product views, new newsletter sign-ups, or social media follows, Wisernotify helps to enhance the online shopping experience.

Key elements:

  • Highlight recent sales and incorporate a sales counter. 
  • Motivate visitors to engage by featuring free trials, sign-ups, downloads, and newsletter subscriptions.
  • Display the real-time count of live visitors on landing pages or offer pages.

Compatibility: web-based

Pricing: free trial available, paid plans start at $16/month


Wrap Up

In today's competitive digital landscape, using the right set of digital marketing software is crucial for success. These top 11 desktop and web-based online marketing tools solutions can help users streamline their efforts, save time, and ultimately generate better results. Try them out and see which ones work best for you.

Author's bio:

Vladislav Puccini

Vlad is a partnership manager at Movavi. He has four years of experience in the e-commerce and marketing industries, having written articles on these topics for various publications. Vlad is passionate about helping businesses grow and reach their full potential. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends when he's not working. 

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