How a Consulting Company Saves Costs and Trees with FlippingBook

FlippingBook is a simple way of saving time, money, and wastepaper.
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Our client is a Company that does electrical safety consulting and engineering. They provide training, engineering analysis, hazard assessment and reduction to their clients. Founded in the U.S. in the 90s, the Company’s been offering their knowledge and expertise to businesses across all industries for over 25 years now. 



The Company’s line of work involves a lot of technical documentation with details about the industry, the available solutions, and safety programs. They share these documents both with clients and sales reps—hence, keeping all the collateral up-to-date is vital. The Company used to issue their technical documentation in print but that went against the digital direction they were taking.

We provide technological solutions to our clients. So we wanted to walk the talk, too: use technology to display our documents instead of doing hard copy printing.

The Company was also very concerned about the constant need to reprint their technical materials. They wanted to find an advanced, environmentally-friendly solution that would allow them to publish their content online and minimize their waste.


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The Company’s first step away from printouts was turning to PDF. However, the format wasn’t very convenient or visually engaging, and it didn’t make document updates much easier—every time a change was introduced, the PDF had to be resent. So, the Company decided to look for an alternative—a digital publishing tool. They did thorough research and compared several tools before settling on the one they preferred. 

FlippingBook was the one that we felt was the best, most complete, and would allow us to do what we wanted to do.



FlippingBook allowed the Company to share technical documents with their clients via direct links that they emailed, embedded into their website, or posted on social media. The Company still used physical copies as some of their clients preferred print. However, they managed to cut printing costs significantly. Besides, for the most part, reprinting became unnecessary since the Company was now able to update any digital document in one click, without breaking the initial link to it. That meant their clients always had access to the latest versions of their technical materials. 

As for their sales reps, the Company created a private website for them where all the collateral was collected in the digital form and constantly updated. That way, the reps could have internal documentation instantly available to them no matter where they were, and no paper or money had to be wasted.

Our sales reps around the country now always have easy access to updated materials, without us having to kill a million trees in printing.



The Company publishes 40–60 documents a year using FlippingBook now, for all the three projects that they have. Most of these documents are updated numerous times throughout the year without any extra cost. 

Moreover, not only has the Company achieved their goals in cutting printing expenses and minimizing paper waste, but they have also become more forward-looking and tech-savvy.

The Company’s employees have taken to printing QR codes on their business cards linked to the most essential documents so that they always have them at their fingertips. The same QR codes are displayed on the Company’s Facebook page and in every corporate email signature, too. 

Quickly and easily, people have access to the most current information. I’ve updated one of our documents numerous times, but its QR code on my business card hasn't changed in years.

Printing costs can be as high as 15% of the average business's annual revenue. Simultaneously, we lose approximately 10 billion trees every year due to deforestation to which the paper industry contributes. Maybe it’s time to stop printing and take your business collateral online?

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