FlippingBook Online Summer Release

All summer we've been working on the new features of FlippingBook Online. If you've missed something, today is the great day to learn about all the updates of FlippingBook Online.


PDF Update

It's a feature that many of you asked for: now you can update your publications with a new PDF without changing their URL. Sometimes you may need to make changes to the document that you have already shared via email or social networks. Re-creating the publication from scratch you've lost the original link, but now you can simply update the existing publication with a fixed PDF and keep its URL.


PDF Protection

Little things make a big difference. Especially when it's the difference between whether someone can pocket your PDFs or not.
PDF protection
Now you can disable the share, download, print and select text buttons in the bottom menu of your publication. In this way, you can be sure your content stays where it is and no one can distribute the original PDF behind your back.


Contacts Button

Contacts button
Make it easier for your readers to discover your website when you distribute flipbooks on social media or anywhere across the web. Add a CTA button to the right upper corner of your publication to lead people to any resource you want.


Right-to-left Mode of a Publication

Now you can set right-to-left mode for PDFs in Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese and other right-to-left reading languages. When you import a PDF, FlippingBook Online automatically sets right-to-left mode, if needed. However, you can always enable the mode manually as well.

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