FlippingBook Online Update: Meet the New Mobile Publication

Did you know that our recent research shows that 65% of your clients view publications on their tablets and smartphones? It stands to reason: mobile devices are deeply incorporated in our personal and professional lives.

In light of this, we’ve reimagined FlippingBook mobile publications to deliver the best reading experience with your content. Now your clients will get an all-new rich mobile experience with your digital documents.

First of all, watch our video to learn what's new in no time.


What’s New

Clean design and page flip effect

We’ve done tons of work to reinvent the technology behind FlippingBook mobile publication. Your readers can now fully enjoy publications with a clean design and a smooth page flip effect on their mobile devices.

You can be sure that your publications will always look professional and work flawlessly on any mobile device. Moreover, the realistic page flip effect will make interacting with your content simple and intuitive.

Plus, now your clients will have a two-page view in landscape mode on mobile devices and their reading experience will be even better.


Great reading experience

We’ve made your publications very comfortable to read on smartphones and tablets. Thanks to vector text, when you read a publication you see crystal-clear text quality on any mobile device.

The text will always look crisp and clear, and you can read it even without zooming in. If you zoom in to study all the details, the text will remain of the same high quality.



Now your FlippingBook mobile publications can be fully interactive. All the interactive elements you add to your FlippingBook Online documents are now available on mobile devices as well.

This way, your content will be as rich and versatile on mobile devices as on desktops.


The mobile devices that support the new mobile publication are: devices with iOS 10 or later, devices with Android 6 or later. Support of mobile publications with RTL is coming soon.

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