FlippingBook Online Update: Get to Know Our New Customizable Lead Capture Form

Here at FlippingBook, we’re always thinking about how to make your marketing and sales activities fast and efficient.

That’s why today we’re happy to introduce our all-new customizable lead capture form. We’ve made it even more powerful by adding a number of new fields you can choose from. What’s more, you can even set your own fields and rearrange them to your liking.

FlippingBook lead capture form helps you collect leads right within your digital flipbook and all the lead info is gathered into one convenient chart. This way, you can start working with your leads right in your account without going anywhere.

See how the new lead capture form can look in the example below or try it out in your account.

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What Info You Can Gather with Our New Lead Capture Form

Generating leads can be easy and effective if you have the right tools for it. Here’s where our new customizable lead capture form can be useful. Look what data you can collect with its help:

  • Email. Collecting your prospects' emails is essential for any good lead generation campaign.
  • Name. What does that J in the email address stand for? Jack or Jane? Learn your lead's full name via our lead capture form.
  • Phone number. Planning to call your prospects? Ask them to submit a phone number.
  • Company name. Here's another piece of vital info for building a strong lead base.
  • Country/region. As long as you know where your leads are from, you can always target them at the right moment.
  • Custom. If your lead generation campaign goes beyond the options we offer, come up with your own! Anything is possible with FlippingBook.

💡According to our research, 90% of emails submitted through the FlippingBook Online lead capture form are valid. Thus, you get high-quality leads right from your flipbook!

You may have noticed that in the FlippingBook lead capture form we have a link to our privacy policy that, as the privacy legislation (such as the GDPR) prescribes, specifies which personal information is gathered and how it is used. You cannot remove the link to our privacy policy but the customizable lead capture form allows you to add a link to your own privacy policy. This way, you can inform your readers what personal data you're collecting about them.

For more details on how to set up your customizable lead capture form, read our Help Center article.

Go ahead, customize the form to fit your needs, gather important lead data online, and follow up with the right info at hand!

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