FlippingBook Best Practices: Enrich Your Publications with FlippingBook Publisher

Today our customer support specialist Jeroen van Esch will continue giving you practical tips on how to work with your publications. If you haven't seen the first one about optimizing your content, check it out. This time Jeroen will show you how to use all the features of FlippingBook Publisher to the fullest.

Video Transcription

Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to watch this FlippingBook Best Practices video. Today I will show you how to use FlippingBook Features optimally. Hopefully these examples will sparkle your imagination and give you some ideas on how to use our features to enrich your content.

Portrait or Landscape-Oriented Pages

Most publications have portrait-oriented pages. The default flipping view is a natural match for two portrait pages next to each other. But if you use landscape-oriented pages, then you may be better off choosing the single page view with a sliding effect. Especially on screens with an 8:5 or 4:3 ratio, two landscape-oriented pages next to each other make a poor fit. They get scaled down a lot, making them poorly readable. The sliding view makes it much more comfortable for your readers.
Page orientation

Choosing Background

This example also shows another feature: a quick change of the background can really liven up the result. If hundreds or thousands of clients visit your brochure, that you spend a lot of time and money on, then why not spend a few minutes on finding a background that makes your publication look better? Sometimes, a neutral one is perfect, other times something more striking does better.

Adding Video

The second example today is an Annual report. Annual reports are not always the juiciest of publications so it is nice to look at a job well done here. The first highlight is a video with a preamble from the director. It immediately adds a personal touch to a somewhat abstract document. But videos are also great additions to user manuals (to show how to replace a printer cartridge), in learning materials (to explain the movement of the earth, the sun and the moon), or in marketing (to show how well your vacuum cleaner works.)
Adding video

Adding Table of Contents

The second thing to notice is that this Annual report contains a table of contents, which opens directly when you start the publication. That makes it easier for users to get to the parts that interest them. Something I heartily recommend if your publication has more than 50 pages or so.

Using Pop-up Images

Talking about pop-up images, take a look at the Brochure from a real estate agent. It advertises a single property, but what sets it apart from others is the clever usage of Pop-up images. This agent has made a floor plan with clickable pop-up images. They contain detailed photos of the rooms and the garden. That very clearly shows what the rooms look like, and gives a great impression of the property as a whole. It also actively engages your audience. Basically, everything that you want your clients to take a closer look at is a potential opportunity for a pop-up image.
Pop-up images

Adding Links

And the final publication that we want to look at today is a brochure of a retailer that promotes this month's specials. He has designed a good looking brochure and made a FlippingBook version of it. The nice thing is that he has made all the products clickable using links. When a visitor clicks on an item, he is immediately taken to the right page on the retailer's website where he can order that particular item. The customer doesn't have to try and find the item himself on the site, preventing missed sales opportunities. Again, links have many other uses, like references or finding related materials. Be careful though, because every link you add is a potential exit for your visitor. Sо only add links to pages where you want your readers to go to!
Adding links
I hope these examples have given you some inspiration on how you can use FlippingBook Publisher to enrich your content and engage your audience. If you use the right tool for the right job, then you can really add something to make your publications more successful. If you need any help, then feel free to contact our helpdesk at support@flippingbook.com or take a look at our help center. Good luck with your publications!
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