6 Reasons to Use Flipbooks As Your Go-To eLearning Tool

Distance education—or eLearning, as it’s often called—can be a really tricky thing to adjust to. Especially in a short amount of time. Especially for those who used to teach offline and suddenly have to find new solutions to present information. What tool to choose, what remote learning software to trust? 

The criteria for choosing between distance education tools may vary depending on needs and circumstances, sure. But there are several crucial demands that, in our opinion, a tool has to meet to be proudly called eLearning software. In this article, we set off to prove that online flipbooks meet all of them.


What Is eLearning Software?

Basically, eLearning software is a desktop program or a browser-based tool that helps people conduct learning, teaching, or training online via a computer or other digital device.


What Are Online Flipbooks?

Online flipbooks are interactive online publications with a page-turning effect, converted from PDF via FlippingBook software. Like this engaging workbook, for example:

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Generally, flipbooks can be used for lots of different purposes and in lots of different fields—from real estate to insurance, from digital publishing to manufacturing. But it’s no coincidence that so many of our clients are from education. Flipbooks created via FlippingBook are perfect for education as well, and particularly for remote learning

Check out our video to learn how you can engage students in active learning by transforming your PDFs into interactive handbooks, magazines, and reports with FlippingBook. 



#1 Flipbooks* Are Secure

When sharing learning materials with students and co-workers, you want to be sure that your digital textbooks, online courses, and other intellectual property stay safe. FlippingBook has your back here. You can protect your textbooks from being downloaded or printed, so they won’t be stolen or distributed illegally. No one will stumble upon your courses and workbooks online by accident since Google indexing is turned off by default (you can turn it on, though, if that’s what you need). And with password protection, you will be able to provide the maximum level of security for your digital documents.

FlippingBook allows us to host our materials in a variety of places with full confidence in the security of our resources.
Zack Beck, General Manager at New Directions for Academic Advancement

*Here and further flipbooks stand specifically for flipbooks made via FlippingBook software. We can’t vouch for any other flipbook builders nor guarantee the quality of their products.


#2 Flipbooks Are Fast

Not everyone has a good Internet connection. Some of your students or teachers can live in remote areas or have access to mobile Internet only. Luckily, it doesn’t matter with flipbooks. A flipbook doesn’t require downloading so you don’t have to worry about data usage limits or the Internet speed. Even if your student is still on dial-up, they will be able to view the flipbook you’ve sent them without any problems. 

Even though our Program Guide is link-, design-, and content-heavy, it still loads quickly in any browser.
Tara Nobles, Director of Community Engagement at Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia


#3 Flipbooks Are Easy to Use

You don’t require any special skills to use FlippingBook. All you need is a PDF of your textbook. You upload it to FlippingBook and it’s converted in a few minutes, depending on the size. Then, you can customize your flipbook which is pretty easy, too. Add your school branding to make your content instantly recognizable and more professional-looking. Make your flipbook interactive with educational videos, links to relevant sources, and GIFs—that will help to engage your students. Create a table of contents for easy navigation around the document. You can do it all with ease as our software is really intuitive.

FlippingBook is the least complicated ebook software. It is also the most intuitive and efficient as far as the process of creating publications goes.
Zack Beck, General Manager at New Directions for Academic Advancement


#4 Flipbooks Are Trackable

Which means, you can see how people interact with your content. Gate your textbook with a mandatory email capture form and you’ll learn who has accessed it recently. Discover what chapters or exercises your students have found particularly difficult or engaging by monitoring the time they’ve spent on each page. And, finally, create a personal link to your digital textbook for each student so you’d know how well they’ve studied (or if they’ve studied at all☺️).


#5 Flipbooks Are Neat

If you had to make a quick switch from offline to online learning, it may still be difficult for you to present your documents with the same level of professionalism as you are used to. Flipbooks are a great help with that. Even if you have zero experience in design, you will still be able to give your learning materials a smarter, more professional look compared to plain PDFs.

Swansea University Postgraduate Prospectus


#6 Flipbooks Are Reliable

Finally, you can rely on flipbooks. If anything ever goes wrong, we are always here to help. But to ensure it doesn’t, we’ve built first-class infrastructure and use Amazon servers to host your flipbooks. That means your online documents are safeguarded against unwanted access and stay online at all times. We also keep users data in compliance with GDPR to ensure privacy and security for our clients.

Source: Gartner


As you can see, our criteria are fair and flipbooks check all the boxes. But don’t take our word for it, try FlippingBook online learning software and see for yourself.    

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Whether we are making presentations, facilitating classes, training teachers, or sending homework, we use Flippingbook to help achieve our educational goals!
Zack Beck, General Manager at New Directions for Academic Advancement

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