Branding: A New Feature of FlippingBook Online

Flipbooks are the best for getting new clients. You can make your own interactive online brochure or catalog that looks beautiful and professional and share the materials with your current or potential clients. You can use them when meeting face to face, sending newsletters by email or embedding to your website. Posting online publications in social media is also a piece of cake. They look nice and catchy in the news feed.
If you want to go viral and improve your brand awareness, the new FlippingBook Online Optimal plan with branding options is just what you need. Here is how you can customize your publication:
  • Logo – Upload your own image instead of the FlippingBook logo for your publication's interface, or remove it entirely.
  • Background Image – Use a custom image as the background for your publication.
  • Favicon – Use your own iconic image that represents your website on the browser's tab.
When you send or share your branded publications, you can be sure that your clients will immediately associate them with your company. They will know that the information can be trusted. Moreover, your documents will look gorgeous, with your corporate colors, logo and favicon. They will be a great tool for lead generation and acquiring new clients.


Branding Option is Available in the New Optimal plan

It includes the ability to add a custom background, your logo and favicon. Or, if you need a label-free document, you'll be able to remove the FlippingBook logo from your publication.

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