FlippingBook Online Update: Devices Come to Stats, Export Gets an Overhaul

Knowledge is power. And our latest update gives you even more of it—with a new metric to track and an improved Export report which displays the data you gathered in a clear and helpful way. Let’s dive in!



From now on, you’ll know which devices people use to view your flipbooks: desktops, tablets, or phones—as well as the percentage of viewers using each type of device. This can help you understand how your audience prefers to consume the content—through the comfort of a big screen or on the go. Knowing this, you can cater flipbooks to the needs of your visitors. For example, you can choose to add more interactivity to flipbooks intended for desktops. Or introduce changes that enhance readability on mobile screens, such as bigger fonts or multi-column layouts for more comfortable zooming in. 

We have been collecting information on Devices since October 17, 2023, so feel free to check out your stats—you will find plenty of valuable insights right away.


Export Overhaul

If you’re regularly exporting statistics data—rejoice! Thanks to the latest changes, working with your Export report has become easier and more comfortable. 

  • Now, the opening sheet contains an overview with key metrics so you can quickly make sense of your flipbook’s performance progress. 
  • Export filters now support devices to help you look at your data from a new angle.
  • Flipbook Performance, Audience Engagement, and Content Interactions (previously Links clicked) tabs now show the totals, so you can easily see the complete picture.
  • The overall look of the report has become cleaner and neater, so it’s comfortable for you to work with it.

Our export report is available in two formats: Excel and CSV. Excel is great if you want to open it and get straight to analyzing. As for CSV, it is perfect for parsing data or uploading the file into other apps, such as CRMs or email marketing platforms. 

Analyzing flipbook performance lets you see how much your readers love your content—and how you can make it even better. Whether you are a marketer, a sales specialist, or an entrepreneur, we know how important document tracking is for you, and we’ll continue to grow the number of insights you can get with our tool. Check the stats of your favorite flipbook in your account to see the latest changes. And stay tuned for more!

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