Why HTML5 is Good for You as a Marketer

If you are following our updates, you remember that at the end of 2016, we introduced FlippingBook HTML5 publications. Why? Because starting from 2014, HTML5 has been gradually replacing Flash. And when it became obvious that it could be troublesome for our users to view Flash content, we also started developing HTML5 FlippingBook publications.

We were working very hard, and it took quite a long time for the development because the high quality of publications is the most important thing to us. We wanted them to look as awesome and work as great as the previous Flash ones. So today, we're going to talk about HTML5 as a format and then describe why it can be good for you as a marketer. Let's get right to it.

Introduction to HTML5

First of all, for those of you who are not yet familiar with HTML5, here's the video to introduce you to the HTML5 world. Simply put, HTML5 is an online format that is specially designed for web. It allows you to do everything online from multimedia content, including videos, audios, and flip effect, to apps without using any additional software, such as browser plugins.

Advantages of Using HTML5 for Marketers

The most important and noticeable benefit that HTML5 can offer to marketers are video players and websites that work more quickly and look more beautiful. That's what clients want from marketing content—to be fast, easy to use, and nice looking. If the website takes more than 5 seconds to load, clients just go away. And HTML5 allows marketers to achieve their goals—to deliver engaging and fast-loading content to their clients. Let's now look more closely at the benefits that HTML5 can bring to marketers' everyday work.

Awesome viewing experience

The tools HTML5 provides can help you create websites and documents as beautiful as any you've ever seen. You may not need all of the options, but HTML5 allows your content to look great and professional. You will deliver a fantastic experience and high-quality content to all the browsers and devices—all this without the need for elaborate coding.

Check out how nice and clear this digital HTML5 brochure looks. It catches the readers' eyes right away.


HTML5 is compatible across all browsers and platforms. This means that one URL will work on any browser on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. There is no need to worry about how your content will look—it will open and work flawlessly on any of your clients' devices without extra costs or hassle.


HTML5 provides built-in video and audio. This means that you and your clients don't have to manually install third-party plugins, such as Apple QuickTime or Adobe Flash, to view the interactive content. Even more—your marketing content can be beautifully styled with customizable elements, such as setting borders and background images. It can help you to implement creative ideas for multimedia campaigns with more ease and success.

SEO features

HTML5 gives you more advantages of working with organic search engines with the help of new advanced tags. It allows the search engines to find and identify the content on your website and make it work for your benefit.

Offline application cache

HTML5 offers an offline application cache option, which will load the page the user has visited even if the user is temporarily offline. This sort of caching has several advantages like offline browsing, allowing files to load much more quickly, and reducing load on server.

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