How to Generate Quality Leads Within Digital Flipbooks

Who’d’ve known that 2020 would be the year we all learn to communicate in brand new ways—almost every connection has moved to the digital space, be it with your relatives, colleagues, or new leads. 

The good news is, working remotely doesn’t have to be stressful. You have your teammates just a click away in Zoom. Your home office can be as cozy as you want, with your cat purring in your lap. Your lunch break has turned into an opportunity to spend more time with your family.

But what about your leads? You don’t want to leave them hanging. Even if your in-person meetings had to be canceled, you can still connect with existing prospects and gather a whole bunch of new ones on the web. Here’s how you can do that with FlippingBook Online.


Prepare Your Content for a Powerful Lead Generation Strategy

Before diving into the lead generation process, you need to enhance your PDF ebook. After all, it should stand out, if you want to generate leads with it instead of buying them from lead providers. FlippingBook Online is here for you: simply upload your PDF into the tool, and you’ll get a ready HTML5  flipbook with a page flip effect. You can customize it however you like and then share it. For instance, embed it into your website or email it to new leads as a direct link.

By using FlippingBook Online, you’re basically creating an interactive PDF that resembles an actual book, engages your audience, and lets you build a connection with them. Plus, it offers an innovative approach to your lead generation strategy and helps you empower it.


Capture Quality Leads Right within Your Flipbook

Now that your document is ready, you can start generating leads with it. FlippingBook Online makes it easy! Our built-in lead capture form lets you gate your digital ebooks, magazines, and brochures. The form is customizable, so you can collect any lead info you need—your prospects’ names, emails, phone numbers, and more. FlippingBook Online offers a variety of options to choose from, but you can also set your own fields in the lead form to fit your company’s needs. 

­čĺíAccording to our research, 90% of emails submitted through the FlippingBook Online lead capture form are valid. Thus, you get high-quality leads right from your flipbook!

The lead form will appear on the page you choose. Want to get lead info as soon as prospects open your ebook? Or would you rather give them a preview of your content first and then request them to submit their contact details? In any case, it’s a classic win-win: your leads receive engaging content, and you get to learn everything about them.



Qualify Leads and Follow Up with the Right Info at Hand

Once you’ve gathered the information you need about each lead, it’s time to qualify them. Luckily, FlippingBook Online is a one-stop service that both collects leads for you and stores them online.

So, our tool keeps all the collected lead data in one place for your convenience—in your Stats page. There, you’ll learn when exactly new leads submitted their contact details and who they are. What company are they from? And what country? Everything you need is kept in a smart chart—from your lead’s name down to the number of times they viewed your ebook. Neat, isn’t it?

Hold on, it gets better. You can actually integrate FlippingBook Online with Zapier, so the collected information about your leads will be delivered directly to the CRM of your choice. Also, your new leads can get automatic welcome emails via the integration, and you can receive Slack notifications about those leads.

Once you identify each lead and understand which industries, locations, or company levels they come from, you can analyze their interactions with your content. Learn which pages they find the most engaging and act on that knowledge. Equipped with these lead data, you can follow up at the right moment and make successful sales.


Create Content That Is a Lead Generation Tool in and of Itself

In addition to the lead capture form that serves its purpose clearly enough, you can make the content of your digital flipbook work toward attracting new leads as well. Spice it up with interactive features to boost client engagement, and then work on the overall look of your flipbook making it instantly recognizable as part of your brand.

Your leads will enjoy videos embedded across the pages of your flipbook as well as external links to relevant content. Moreover, they’ll see you as a trusted source of information, if you wrap your flipbooks in your branding and design. Your logo and a custom direct link to your flipbook will show leads that you mean business and will encourage them to become your loyal customers.

All in all, if you want to collect leads with content that stands out, FlippingBook Online is a clear choice. 

How do you choose to stay connected with your leads in 2020? Have you gone fully digital in your lead generation process? Let us know in the comments below.

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