How FlippingBook Helps a Marketing Agency Deliver Mobile-Friendly Promotions

Marketing Agency Case Study

We tried finding other PDF viewers that were as effective and as user-friendly as FlippingBook. Really, there weren't any.
Digital Account Manager at the Agency

Industry: Marketing

Product: FlippingBook Online

Our customer is a marketing firm, one of the leading digital agencies in Saudi Arabia. Founded in 2008, the Agency now has 10 departments and about 50 employees. They offer corporate branding services and implement creative campaigns for 60+ top-tier clients in industries like healthcare, finance, electronics, and wholesale trade.

The Agency has been using FlippingBook for over four years now—to answer the marketing needs of their Client, a global hypermarket chain for consumer goods with 20+ stores across the Middle East and North Africa. In 2023, the Client ranked in the top five retailers of the local grocery market, with the Saudi Arabian stores contributing almost a third of the total revenue for the whole chain.


Challenge and Search for Solution

The Client's demands included managing website content and social media accounts, as well as raising awareness about special offers through digital leaflets. The Agency would need to design and distribute a new leaflet every week: a colorful, price-accurate catalog about 50 pages long, with over 20 different products presented on each double-page spread.

The target audience for these promotions was quite varied. The Agency discovered that the Client's Facebook following mainly had expats—people from Asia, sometimes Egyptians—and not Saudis. Twitter provided the opposite: locals, people who speak Arabic only. The Client's website and Instagram gave a mix of both. But all groups were equally interested in new products and reduced rates.

We wanted to reach as many customers as possible and let them see the leaflets in a clear and easy way.

To make discounts and deals available to the public, the team looked for a tool to share leaflet designs online: as a link on social media or a website embed. The ideal solution would be an online PDF viewer with right-to-left support, versatile enough for all audiences and devices. And since the leaflets contained hundreds of products with small details that required a closer look, a user-friendly browsing experience of the new software was crucial.

We tried a lot of options before FlippingBook. Other ones weren't user-friendly at all. Browsing the leaflets on mobile, or zooming in and out was an advanced experience of hell.

With the different tools they tried, the Agency also found the process of uploading PDFs and embedding them into the Client's website to be long and hectic. They couldn't afford to waste so much time, given the tight content production schedule. What they wanted most was an intuitive interface, both for the marketer who creates digital documents and for the end-user who views them on their phone or laptop.



The Agency's search led them to FlippingBook: the Client actually mentioned they'd used it to make online publications before. The team decided to give it a try, too. Creating leaflets in the new interface was very simple: all they had to do was drag and drop a PDF file, and in a couple of minutes, they could already customize, brand, or share the flipbook right away.

FlippingBook was the best thing, because it's so easy to use. We just uploaded the PDF, and once it was converted, we could already share the link.

Device compatibility didn't disappoint, either: the leaflets looked great on mobile screens. FlippingBook's feature called Smart Zoom allowed customers to zoom in to a particular product by a quick double-tab on that part of the page. They could see the details for different promotions with no quality loss, and even download the selected page or the whole PDF file.

And when the Client's website went under construction for almost a year and a half, HTML5 flipbooks turned out to be a self-sufficient alternative. With FlippingBook's reliable hosting, the Agency could still share leaflets online with no interruptions for the customers.

FlippingBook Online was the perfect solution for us to still have our leaflets and share them with customers when we didn't have a website to publish PDFs on.

The Agency started sharing links to flipbooks on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and customers quickly grew fond of the new format.

When we tried using other PDF viewers, people actually kept asking for the FlippingBook link. They knew it by name, which is a great thing.



Today, the Agency uses FlippingBook to create weekly leaflets for different product categories and distributing stores. They also make digital catalogs for limited-time offers, like Black Friday or Ramadan advertising, and use online brochures to promote the Client's partnerships with other brands. Occasionally, the team employs flipbooks to distribute internal documents like employee benefit guides, and there are plans to extend the same format to corporate newsletters.

The Agency regularly shares leaflets on all social media channels. In Instagram Stories, for example, they show a preview and include a flipbook link, so that people can swipe up and see the document right away. FlippingBook has become an essential part of the marketing team's daily workflow. Built-in analytics also comes in handy: the Agency tracks how many people open the leaflets and how much time they spend reading them to gauge interest.

When we saw that customers were comfortable with flipbooks, and they depended on them, we couldn't risk changing the format to something that was less effective.

Since some of their leaflets are in Arabic, the Agency especially values FlippingBook's right-to-left text support. When the team uploads a new PDF, the software automatically recognizes its language. Publications in English follow the standard reading order, and flipbooks in Arabic get an inverted page flip direction. This way, leaflets have a faster time-to-market, and customers from all audiences enjoy a convenient reading experience.

In the last six months, over 79% of smartphone users have purchased something online. With mobile shopping on the rise, it's critical to ensure that your marketing materials aren't just made for the desktop audience. High-quality brochures and catalogs that are easy to navigate can be the key to boosting sales—or losing deals, if you don't deliver. Do your digital promotions provide a stellar customer experience on mobile?

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