Customer story: DMS Connect

“One of our main achievements with FlippingBook is bringing digital interaction to our print newsletter.”
Laura Beattie
Laura Beattie
Sales Director at DMS Connect
Customer story: DMS Connect

How DMS Connect Brings Digital Marketing to REALTORS® across Canada with FlippingBook Publisher

A print company based in Alberta, DMS Connect (DMS) assists REALTORS® across Canada with their marketing needs. Decades of experience in direct marketing allow the company to provide relevant advice and content-related services, including relationship building newsletters and prospect building mailers.

Challenge and Search for Solution

Printed newsletters are the main service DMS provides REALTORS® as they help agents sustain strong relationships with their client base. Each newsletter is personalized to the agent and covers home and lifestyle topics that clients are interested in. Thus, it helps build the client-agent relationship. The newsletters are a very effective way for REALTORS® to stay top-of-mind.

While print remains a very valuable tool in the marketing mix, digital publishing is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, DMS decided to search out a way to incorporate digital newsletters with their printed ones. According to Laura Beattie, DMS’s Sales Director, it was important to offer a product that connected agents and clients in multiple ways:

The marketing landscape is constantly changing and diversifying. It’s not enough just to be paper or just to be digital. We wanted to give real estate agents something of value to be offered through mail as well as on their website, social media, or via email.

The company researched various digital publishing solutions to digitize the printed newsletters. One stood out as the most user-friendly and intuitive, as well as the sleekest design-wise.

Compared to the other tools, FlippingBook looked cleaner and more modern. The options it offers met our needs, and the price was good, too.


Excited to provide another element for agents to use in their marketing, DMS started actively offering a complimentary digital version to go with the printed newsletter. A great advantage of the digital format was the fast and simple process of updating the documents. All DMS had to do was re-upload a PDF of the latest newsletter while the link remained the same. That meant independent agents could post the digital version to their website with ease, and share the link on social media, email it to clients or prospects, or even include it in their email signature.

The great thing is that when we set up a digital version of the newsletter, the agent just has to post the link on their website once, and we can update the content regularly without them having to do anything else.

DMS also expanded their services to include an e-newsletter available to agents as a stand-alone service, separate from the printed newsletter. The e-newsletter was also published with FlippingBook, providing DMS a quick and unique way to offer agents another relationship building service.

People can sign up for the e-newsletter on their agent’s website to get more information on the real estate market from them. It’s a great tool for attracting and building relationships with prospects and clients. We insert as many links as possible in the e-newsletter, so real estate agents get a flow going between the e-newsletter and their website.

The availability to include links, videos, and images in FlippingBook helped DMS create an engaging, trackable e-newsletter that wasn’t overwhelming in the client’s inbox. It also allowed agents to share the content on social media, adding yet another marketing touchpoint.

The reason we chose to use FlippingBook in our e-newsletter templates is because it provides an interactive element that increases engagement between the REALTOR® and their client.


DMS has significantly expanded the use of FlippingBook since its purchase in 2012. Today, FlippingBook isn’t just a tool behind the scenes – it also plays a role in the company’s email marketing and website. DMS uses FlippingBook documents to showcase their products and services online as well as uses the video embedding element to create How-To videos for agents to reference.

The FlippingBook bookshelf feature allows DMS to house educational resources for agents as well as past issues of newsletters, marketing campaigns, etc. on their website in an attractive and interactive manner.

We enjoy the fact that we can send our clients and prospects a link to our Educational Resources instead of having to attach multiple PDF documents to an email. It makes our sales and marketing process a lot smoother and more efficient.

What DMS Connect values the most is that FlippingBook gives them a competitive edge. By creating digital newsletters and e-newsletters for agents, the company helps them connect with their clients, building stronger and more valuable relationships. It’s a value added service that agents can use to increase their marketing efforts, and DMS is pleased to offer such a service with the help of FlippingBook.

REALTORS® use our digital newsletters and e-newsletters to enhance their marketing, and they’re happy with the service we offer. We’re pleased FlippingBook has allowed us to increase client satisfaction and provide a unique service.

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