FlippingBook Online Update: Adding GIFs to Your Flipbooks

GIFs make us laugh, help convey emotions, and share our thoughts just at a glance. They are 30 years old already, but just as technology has improved and the amount of digital videos has increased, so have these graphic images transformed from an entertainment source into a required communication tool.  

And there’s even more to GIFs than you think. The fact is that more and more businesses incorporate GIFs into their marketing strategies and use them to stand out among competitors and better connect with their audience visually.

So today we’re happy to introduce GIF embedding in FlippingBook Online. You are now able to add GIFs to your publications in the same way you already do with videos and images. You can set the GIF to autoplay each time the page is opened, or loop the animation to play again and again.

Just go to your FlippingBook Online account, choose the flipbook where you want to add a GIF, click the button with more options and choose the Editor (video, links, etc.) option. This will open an Editor mode for your flipbook.

Please note that the GIF adding option is available in the FlippingBook Online Advanced, Team, and Enterprise plans. If you have FlippingBook Online Starter or Optimal plans, you can upgrade here.

To get you started, let’s see how you can use GIFs to empower your flipbooks.


Show off Products in Catalogs

If you create product catalogs, you can make great use of GIFs by showcasing products and catching readers’ attention. GIFs make your product seem even more appealing and lifelike to consumers than a standard image. What’s more, you can use an animated GIF to add an element of delight and humor to your catalog, if you want to lighten up the mood. Imagine an atmospheric holiday product catalog full of festive mood. Your clients will love it!


Boost Sales with Striking Visuals

You can draw customer attention to your best selling items by simply setting each GIF to autoplay once the page is turned. Visuals that present information in such an appealing way, like GIFs, help to retain visitors and persuade them to convert. Client engagement will be off the charts. And sales, too. 


Illustrate Complex Ideas

GIFs are the perfect medium to drive home any complex messages, for example, to explain new concepts or animate data in your educational or training materials, showing each step of any process in short how-to guides.

Product features or new data can be quite hard to describe in a few words or images; they require video instructions. That’s why the looping effect of animated GIFs can be very helpful in such cases, allowing your readers to watch GIFs as many times as they need until the concept is clear.

Check out how our client NHS illustrates the data in their flipbook in a very elegant way.



Telling Stories and Enticing Readers

Animated GIFs can be very helpful both in storytelling and in engaging clients. People can engage with this format quicker than they would with a still image, and gain knowledge from the highlighted movement as they would from a video. 

Whether you're illustrating your marketing content with humorous GIFs or want to emphasize important points in your case studies, GIFs are the best at attracting attention and conveying a lot of information at once.

Plus, if you want to give users a sneak peek at a new product, tease a big announcement, or stir up excitement over an upcoming sale, GIFs give you all the opportunities to do that.


If you don’t have any GIFs yet, you can use these easy tools to create GIFs from scratch and then get back to add GIFs to your flipbook right away:

  1. GIF Maker
  2. GIFS
  3. Data GIF Maker
  4. EzGIF
  5. Gickr

Are you Ready to Incorporate GIFs into Your Flipbooks?

GIFs are a valuable and versatile tool for your business that helps make your marketing strategy more unique and impressive. GIFs have serious potential for your content in 2021 so go ahead and give them a try!

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