How Yossi Quatinsky uses FlippingBook to build a small successful digital publishing business

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your company?

My name is Yossi, I am 53 years old (but I feel like I'm 18) and I have a small business in Israel. I suffered from severe hearing loss many years ago, which made working in most of the companies challenging. I tried to find a job that would make me happy and that I would enjoy doing, but it was hard to find anything. So, if there was nothing out there, I decided that I would do it for myself, and I started my own company. In the past, I have made professional presentations for other companies but I didn't see a future in that. So, I moved to digital books and digital publishing. I have done well ever since.
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What were your challenges and why did you choose FlippingBook?

I wanted to grow professionally, to find new ways and solutions. I, also, needed software that supported Hebrew. One of your competitors offered a standard Hebrew interface, just like yours, and I started out with them. However, one day, a serious business conflict arose and I decided to change the software. I contacted several companies, through software testing, I saw that yours was the best solution. Even though back then, Hebrew support wasn't perfect, I decided to go with it because FlippingBook Publisher had everything I needed and was easy-to-use. Now I can say that it is the best thing I have ever done! It was not just the software, the support was great as well. Even when I was a new client, I was treated like I'd been a client for 20 years.

How do you use FlippingBook in your work and who are your clients?

I spend most of my time making publications for clients. Sometimes, I also design websites or documents. In most cases, I get a ready-made document from the client and create a FlippingBook publication. For me, every document is like a work of art, and I try to give every publication its own touch.

My clients differ from small businesses to big companies or institutions: schools, travel agents, high tech companies, etc. When I started my business, it was quite difficult to get the big companies onboard, but when they saw how I work and the quality of documents that I produce, they started to use my publications. I have clients who have worked with me for several years already—and I have the new clients coming. Most of my returning clients make use of a pack of publications, so they don't have to pay every time they need a new publication made.

My clients love FlippingBook, they enjoy the publications and how easy they are to use. It helps them a lot in their business. Many clients say they get better viewability on Flipbooks than on a document, and they think that they will use it more in the future.

Are there any features of FlippingBook that you like the most?

The quality of FlippingBook Publisher is very good, and there is a great variety of features that I can use for creating publications. To keep documents up to date, I can replace the old pages with the new ones. I also use the bookshelf a lot and clients like that very much. It's great that there are so many ways that you can customize a publication. I have a personal approach to every publication—with your software I'm 50% artist.

What feedback do you get from your clients?

My clients love FlippingBook, they enjoy the publications and how easy they are to use. I let them know that it's the best way to present their documents. Of course, there are demanding clients, but I can say that all clients that I have been happy with FlippingBook. It helps them a lot in their business. Many clients say they get better viewability on Flipbooks than on a document, and they think that they will use it more in the future.
So feedback is positive. Even if there are some difficulties, I can try different solutions and your support team helps me a lot—clients really appreciate that. They see that I take them seriously when there is a bug or mistake and that we do everything we can to fix it. This makes them come back more and more.

And what about you? What do you enjoy?

Some of my customers ask for statistics, though they use their own Google Analytics ID, even if I host the flipbook for them on your cloud. However, if they don't do that, I add my own ID, so I can give them statistics later if they ask me for them. I once opened the live statistics for a publication on the FlippingBook Cloud, and saw that more than 1,000 people were viewing my work at that moment in time and everything worked amazing. That was very satisfying!

Recently, I started a volunteer project where I uploaded stories of people that were in the holocaust and had no way to publish their story. People sent me their stories, and sometimes photos, I created a flipbook and uploaded it to my mini-website. I have 24 stories now and it keeps growing, with about one per week. It is very satisfying as elderly people are so thankful to see their story published.

Another important project for me is publishing catalogs, for a small company that consists entirely of disabled people. Life is hard for them, but they fight on. I was so excited that disabled people get a chance to work. So, I create free catalogs for them, three times a year. It makes me happy that I have the chance to do things like this—thanks to FlippingBook. I have been with you for a long time, and hope that we will work together in the future!

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