How to report inappropriate content

At FlippingBook, we have internal measures to ensure the integrity of content published by our users. But in addition to that, we welcome any help from our visitors to spot inappropriate content on our domains. If you see anything that you feel is inappropriate on either or, we encourage you to report it and tell us why. We will review if the content is indeed against our terms of service and take appropriate measures if required. Here are some examples of content that is most likely inappropriate:

  • Inciting hatred;
  • phishing attempts;
  • violating copyright;
  • explicit content;
  • exposing (derogatory) personal details about individuals;
  • violating the law in any other way.

To report such content, you can send an email to To help us handle your report as soon as possible, please make sure that you:

  • use the subject "Inappropriate Content Report";
  • insert the link to the flipbook;
  • describe why you feel this content is inappropriate;
  • if the violation concerns a specific page, mention the page number. ​
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