Customer story: Pettacci

“We use various channels of communication with our customers: embed the catalogs in our website, email them to clients, share on Facebook – a very active channel for us, and even send the catalogs via WhatsApp groups.”
Eduardo Nunez
Eduardo Nunez
Manager of Marketing and the Business Unit for Textile Finishing at Pettacci
Customer story: Pettacci

How Pettacci Gets More Clients to View their Online Catalogs with FlippingBook

Pettacci is a Colombian company in the fashion market, best known for producing lingerie. They also specialize in other forms of textile production and finishing, such as garments, embroidery, and textile printing. Pettacci mostly sells to other fashion companies, who use the textiles to create their own products. Lingerie is sold to wholesalers and directly to retailers.

Challenge and Search for Solution

The main challenge for Pettacci was to increase the audience for their catalogs and gain new customers. While businesses were shifting from print to digital, applying all the new technologies, many of the people Pettacci dealt with in the garment manufacturing industry tended to be quite conservative. That was why the company was looking for the best way to introduce digital technologies to their customers and colleagues.

We were looking for a tool to get our catalogs online that would also work well on phones and tablets. We looked at a lot of different providers and, in the end, chose FlippingBook. It has all the features that we need and is very simple to use, very user-friendly. The process of creating a flipbook is really intuitive, and the result looks great: the pictures are clear and of great resolution.


FlippingBook Online proved to be the solution that helped Pettacci achieve their main goals. With the new tool, the company could embed catalogs on the website, email them to clients, as well as share them via Facebook and Whatsapp.

It has become much easier to reach the clients, because all we need to do is send the link to our digital catalog.

Pettacci customers started sharing the catalogs with others, so the company was receiving new orders. Previously, customers hadn’t had the knowledge or the tools to share the catalogs, and the earlier digital versions had been too heavy to send to anyone. Now the customers send Pettacci catalogs to their colleagues just because it is easy.


Pettacci now has a tool that makes it easier and more appealing to create catalogs and share them via different channels. Digital publications are comfortable to use for both the company and the customers.

Pettacci publishes four versions of their catalogs annually. They value that they can easily update the catalogs while keeping the same link, so they are planning to expand and create more documents with FlippingBook.

We’ve been very happy with FlippingBook so far. Their customer service is outstanding: it is very quick and responsive, which is impressive nowadays. So we will keep using FlippingBook, and in the future we want to create digital versions of our catalogs for embroidery as well as digital printing of textiles.

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