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Since we introduced HTML5 support, many of you have been asking if there's an easy way to convert your Flash projects to HTML5 and whether you can convert all your projects at once.

Today we are happy to introduce our all-new version of FlippingBook Publisher, which brings you the features and updates you've been asking for. So let's look at each of them more closely.

Flash to HTML5 Converter

Now converting your old Flash projects to HTML5 is as easy as pie. As we were saying in our previous blogpost about HTML5 format, HTML5 is rapidly replacing Flash. And we suggest you convert Flash publications to HTML5 so your clients don't have any problems viewing your content. In the new version of FlippingBook Publisher you can convert many Flash projects simultaneously. Please note that it may take some time, so it can be better to let Publisher do all the work in the background or at night.Your next question may be this: what will happen to my old Flash projects? Everything is under control. FlippingBook Publisher won't delete or overwrite your Flash publication: it will create a copy of both Flash and HTML5 projects with different extensions.

Watch our video to learn how to convert your projects step by step.



Improved Usability of Self-Hosted Embedded Publications on Mobile Devices

Self-hosted embedded publications have got a new look and improved usability on mobile devices. А publication now has a nice preview on a website and, if you click on it, the publication opens in a new tab. Now reading embedded publications on mobile devices has become even easier and comfortable for your clients.


Improved Table of Contents

When you browse through the document, the Table of Contents always shows where you are. The part you are reading is highlighted, which makes navigation through large documents easier and faster.
table of contents


And just two more nice improvements that we are happy about:

Self-hosted publications now have a beautiful preview on Facebook.
Preview on Facebook
You can set the custom page flip speed for your documents.
custom flip speed

You can read more about the features of our new release here: release notes

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