Top Best Ebook Publishing Software

One of the best things about the new digital reality is how widespread digital publishing has become. Whichever type of content you want to share—a novel, an academic paper, or a promotional brochure—you can turn it into an ebook and make it instantly available to your readers. And with the market of ebook creator software constantly expanding, there is an ebook creator that will be perfect for you.

However, there’s no one-size-fits-all, and what suits an educator will be useless for an aspiring writer. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the 6 best ebook creation software for different purposes: for businesses, for writers, for educators. Let’s jump right in.


For Businesses

With a wide variety of content to publish, businesses will benefit from the ebook creator software that caters to sales, marketing, and HR needs at the same time.


#1 FlippingBook

FlippingBook is professional interactive document software. While densely packed with features, it’s pretty straightforward to use—just take a PDF file, upload it to FlippingBook, and enjoy a realistic and mobile-friendly HTML5 ebook hosted in the cloud. Here’s a video guide for more detail.

Deutsche Bank Ebook

Create yours

Customization features include link, video, and image adding; branding and design. But what makes this ebook creator the right choice for companies is its lead capturing and content protection features, collaboration tools, and analytics

A customizable lead form is a great way to close the gap between your content and leads. With its help, you can share your ebook and collect contacts without leading people away from it. You can add up to 6 fields to get quality leads, and put the form on any page of your ebook. Take a look at it in action.

Thanks to password protection, you can share external content, such as marketing and sales materials, as well as internal ebooks—training guides or financial reports. 

Folders let you organize your ebooks by content or team, which makes it easy to manage everything while also keeping it under the same roof.

And with analytics, you can see who opens your ebooks, how long people read them, and what they look for in them. While crucial for sales and marketing teams, the analytics could be pretty handy for HR, too.

As a web-based app, FlippingBook interactive PDF software can be used with a Mac as well as Windows. 

Choose FlippingBook if:

  • You’re a business looking for a reliable and simple way to turn PDFs into online ebooks.
  • You want a versatile tool for external and internal content.

Price: Free 14-day trial; paid plans starting from $44 per month, billed annually.


#2 Marq

The second place in our best ebook maker list goes to Marq. Marq is a good fit if you need to create ebooks and other documents from scratch. This interactive ebook tool boasts a wide selection of design templates and a comfortable drag-and-drop editor. So if you are a designer, you will find it a convenient tool to work on the text of your ebook as well as images. 

It also provides collaboration tools so you can work on your ebook as a team. And thanks to integration with InDesign as well as MSL and DAM tools, it is easy to manage time-sensitive content.

Choose Marq if:

  • You produce ebooks and documents with large amounts of data that should be regularly updated.
  • You have design skills and need to create ebooks from scratch.

Price: Starts free (3 documents 3 pages each); paid plans start from $10 per month.


For Writers

Ebook creation software for writers must not only be helpful in terms of authoring and editing tools, but also provide for a smooth transition to major distribution channels such as Amazon, iBooks, or Barnes & Nobles. 


#3 Chapterly

Chapterly is our top pick, as this online ebook creator app does all of the things described above. 

As an author, you can work on your text there, format it to your liking, and collaborate with your editors in real-time. Everything gets backed up in the cloud, so you can always be sure your work is kept safe and sound. You can also work offline and from mobile, helping you meet your writing goals and deadlines wherever you are.

Once you are finished, you can convert your ebook into .epub, .mobi, or any other format of your choice and proceed to publish it with major retailers.

And as a nice touch, Chapterly offers mini-courses on writing in case you need some guidance or inspiration. This makes it one of the best ebook writing software overall.

Choose Chapterly if:

  • You need a single tool for writing, editing, and publishing your ebook.
  • You want extra guidance along the way.

Price: free for 14 days; paid plans start from $15 per month.


#4 Vellum

Vellum may be on the higher end of the price range than other ebook software solutions of the kind, but it pays off in producing extremely elegant, text-centric books. If you are looking to create a stunning ebook for Amazon, Apple, or Kobo, while also making it ready for print, Vellum is the best software for creating ebooks for you.

However, please note that Vellum is a Mac-only ebook creator and cannot be used with PCs. 

Choose Vellum if:

  • You value visual excellence and want your ebook to be top-notch.
  • You want desktop ebook creation software rather than an online service.

Price: one-time fee starting from $199 for a license.


For Students and Educators

While PowerPoint presentations are still an option, students don’t have to confine themselves to them anymore. With so many good ebook generators on the market, creative assignments can be a real pleasure for students as well as for teachers.


#5 Book Creator

Specifically tailored for education, Book Creator is a great fit for classrooms. It’s an online ebook maker app that allows students to create their own interactive ebooks, be they research journals, science reports, poetry books, or even comic adventures. 

Working on an ebook is really easy, and content can be made interactive with videos, images, and audio tracks. It’s a great way to bring creativity and fun into the classroom, promote collaboration, boost writing and design skills.

On the other hand, Book Creator offers great management tools for educators. As a teacher, you can create a class library that makes it comfortable to store, organize and share all the ebooks your students create.

With remote learning marching in, Book Creator can be just what you need to stay connected with your students and encourage them to create beautiful ebooks.

Choose Book Creator if:

  • You look for interactive ebook software your students can easily adopt.
  • You’re an individual teacher who wants to introduce ebook creation in the classroom.

Price: Starts free for individual users; paid plans start from $10 per teacher per month.


#6 Pressbooks

Pressbook is an ebook creation solution for colleges and universities. Unlike Book Creator, it focuses on educators rather than students. 

It offers authoring and content editing tools, but its main strengths are a variety of end-formats (.epub, .mobi, or open formats such as HTML5) and an integration with LMS systems. 

As an educator, you can create an ebook library with all the materials your students need. It may be a challenging task, but it’s definitely one worth taking. Having all the necessary materials on hand boosts the chances of your students’ success in distant learning environments. So if your main goal is setting up a comfortable ebook distribution system, Pressbooks may be just the tool to help you achieve it.

Choose Pressbooks if:

  • You’re an educator who wants to introduce an ebook library to your institution.
  • You need flexible and powerful software tailored to your infrastructure.

Pricing: by request.

So there you have it. We hope that with this list of the best interactive ebook software, you will easily be able to create and share your ebooks with your audience. Good luck!


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