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FlippingBook Salespal helps you store, share, and track sales collateral, so your team can focus on closing deals. Learn more about the features that enhance your sales workflow.

Powerful collateral

Keep all your documents in one app, organize them the way you want, and distribute effortlessly to your sales team.

Documents for partners
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Keep collateral at fingertips

Your team has all the collateral they need right in their pockets. Whether they’re working in an office or in the field, they can easily access the documents online or offline. All your sales reps need to do is simply open the app, and the engaging presentation is ready to shine and win new clients.

Documents for partners

Update in one click

With FlippingBook Salespal, your sales team is sure to have fresh documents within easy reach. When content is updated, sales reps get a push notification and can update the document instantly in FlippingBook Salespal. For your clients, the documents will stay available under the same link no matter how many times you update them.

Organize content and manage access

Thanks to convenient content folders, you can organize your documents in the most effective way. Thus, your team has access only to the content they need—no more rummaging through the documents to find the right ones.

Organize content and manage access Organize content and manage access




  • Introduction
  • Welcome Message
  • New Collection
  • Accessories
  • Specifications
  • References
  • Contacts
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Always have the right info at hand

FlippingBook Salespal helps your sales reps be more efficient at meetings and on calls.

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  • Interactive navigation

    Smart table of contents, text search, and thumbnails let you navigate to any page and find all the important info in no time.

  • Highlights

    Highlight specific parts in a flipbook and use them for quick reference during a meeting. Your face-to-face meetings will be even more successful.

  • Notes

    Add your own text notes anywhere in the document. The notes are private and work great for jotting down important info.

Empower your sales collateral today

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Sales enablement

Streamline your sales conversations to keep in touch with your clients and boost sales.

Send documents via email

FlippingBook Salespal allows you to send a whole document as a link via email right from the app. Your email will look neat and professional, plus, you’ll be able to add a custom message and signature. No matter the size of your flipbook, leads will open and view it instantly right in a browser.

Navigate through your collateral with ease

When you need to discuss specific info in a document, simply type in a keyword and search through the titles and content of the flipbooks downloaded to your device. You'll find all the details you want in seconds.


Enhance your sales workflow

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Access your documents even if you're offline

After downloading the documents to your mobile device, you can access them offline whenever you want. Navigate to any page, work with notes and highlights even in the field without a network connection.

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Document tracking

Go beyond opens and discover how leads interact with your content. Learn all about page views, clicks, and recent activity. This actionable data empowers you to build a better strategy and increase sales.

Document tracking


Learn which documents are the most popular and how often your leads view them.

Links clicked

Activity timeline allows you to learn what links your leads click and what info they need the most.

Page views

See what pages get the most attention and learn what info interests your leads.

Time spent

Track if your leads spend much time reading your docs or only have a quick scan.

Know your customer

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Sales management

FlippingBook Salespal allows you to measure how your sales team performs on a daily basis. An easy-to-use web dashboard helps you get the right data to understand the reasons behind sales numbers and act on this data to make your sales processes more efficient.

  • Track sales activities

    Track sales activities

    Learn how your sales reps work with the collateral on a daily basis. See who is the most active and who falls behind.

  • Track collateral

    Track collateral

    See what types of documents have the highest demand and create even more compelling content that brings closed deals.

Manage your team

Create groups for your sales reps and partners and manage their roles:

  • Administrator—has access to the admin panel, and can manage users and documents.
  • Sales rep—has access to the documents in the app, can share them, and get notifications and statistics on them.

Measure your sales team performance

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Professional format

FlippingBook Salespal is a perfect tool for creating impressive professional flipbooks, catalogs, brochures, and more. They look like a print copy and have the advantages of interactive online documents that help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Make innovative digital documents

    FlippingBook Salespal helps you turn your plain PDFs into HTML5 documents with a fresh streamlined look and digital perks.

  • Create the best reading experience

    Your clients will enjoy your flipbooks with crystal-clear text quality, clean design, realistic page-flip effect, and intuitive navigation.

Deliver your content to any device

Your documents are available as direct links so your clients can read them on any device: desktop, tablet, or smartphone. The flipbooks will open and load in no time. What's more, your sales reps can access the flipbooks offline even without an internet connection.

Devices Devices

Create interactive online documents with FlippingBook Salespal

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