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FlippingBook Publisher is desktop software for Windows.

You can get a perpetual license that allows you to install and use the software indefinitely. Technical support and updates are included for 1 year with the option to renew afterward.

  • Professional

    Features for web developers and digital marketers


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  • Business

    White-label publications ready for your branding


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  • Enterprise

    Automatic PDF conversion for heavy document load


    single-user license, available via annual subscription only

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Professional Business Enterprise
Number of flipbook views Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of flipbooks Unlimited Self‑Hosted Unlimited Self‑Hosted Unlimited Self‑Hosted
Mobile devices support (HTML5)
Lifelike page flip effect
Cloud hosting subscription-based, see info subscription-based, see info subscription-based, see info
Links detection
Bookmarks detection
Vector texts detection
Fonts detection
Multiple PDF import
JPEG import
24 ready skins
Video embedding
Pop-up images embedding
Inline images embedding
Adding custom links
Adding audio files
GIF embedding  
Table of contents
Accessible navigation
Text selection
Text search
Slide mode
Direct link
Direct link to each page
Website embedding
QR-code sharing
WordPress embedding
Digital bookshelf (collections)
Offline publishing  
Custom background
Copyright button
Custom URL
Your logo  
Label-free flipbooks  
Content sharing control
Google indexing control
Password protection  
Domain restriction  
Automated PDF Conversion
Automated PDF Conversion    
Page limit     100k per year (need more? Contact sales.)
Hot folders     1
Google Analytics integration
SEO-friendly version
Custom subdomain name on Cloud
Built-in FTP Client
Adding custom files
Right-to-left interface

More about FlippingBook Publisher


  • Do I have to pay for FlippingBook Publisher annually, or is it a one-time payment?

    When you purchase FlippingBook Publisher, you get a perpetual license that lets you install and use the software indefinitely. One year of support and updates is included.
    Starting the second year, regular software updates, support, and the ability to host publications in FlippingBook cloud come at an additional price. Learn more about Support, Updates and Unlimited Cloud.

  • Can I buy FlippingBook Publisher for multiple users?

    A single FlippingBook Publisher license can be installed on one computer and used by a single user only. If you’re looking to buy the software for multiple users, сontact us for pricing and details.

  • Is FlippingBook Publisher available on Mac?

    There’s no native Mac version for FlippingBook Publisher, but you can install the software on your Mac with the help of third-party virtualization software. Or try FlippingBook Online, which works right in your browser on any platform.

  • Can I host my publications with FlippingBook?

    Sure, we offer hosting service. If you have a license of FlippingBook Publisher and active Support and Updates, you can host up to 3 publications in FlippingBook Cloud. If you need more than that, you can get Unlimited Cloud for additional price. Learn more.

  • Can I start with the Professional edition and upgrade to a higher one later?

    Sure, you can upgrade your edition later in your personal account at flippingbook.com.

  • What’s your privacy policy?

    You can be sure your data is safe with us. We would never sell it to third parties or abuse it in any other way. We may email you occasionally about the company and product updates, but you can always opt out. Read more about our Privacy policy or the GDPR compliance.

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