How do I embed a publication on my website?

Embedding a publication using an FTP server

One way to embed a publication into your website is to use your own FTP server. To do this, click the "Publish" button in the toolbar and then select "To FTP Server...".
Publish to FTP Server

Enter the credentials for your FTP server in the window that appears. FlippingBook Publisher will automatically start uploading the publication to the server.

Then use an iframe to embed the HTML code. If you aren’t sure how to do this, please contact your website administrator.
Note: If you need to update the publication, repeat the entire procedure.
For convenient storage and simple management, we recommend using Publ.com.

Embedding a publication using Publ.com

FlippingBook offers its users Publ.com, a web service to efficiently store, manage, and share your digital publications. Storing materials on Publ.com solves multiple problems simultaneously. The service makes it easy to work with digital magazines, catalogs, commercial brochures, and more.
You can host your publications directly on Publ.com. This eliminates the need to upload them to your own server.
Publication Embed Code
This method offers several undeniable advantages:
  • Reliability, speed, robust uploading, and high performance. These desirable qualities are provided by Amazon CloudFront, a cloud-based solution that includes redundant storage on a network of servers located in the US, Europe, Asia, and South America. The publication is delivered from the server closest to a particular reader, which guarantees stability and superior speed. You can be confident that you and your global audience will always have access to your publications on Publ.com.
  • Easy management. If a publication has been hosted on Publ.com, you don’t need to hassle with updating files on multiple webpages. Just save your changes to the project and refresh the publication on Publ.com. The new version will be instantly available everywhere it has been embedded.
  • Greater data security. Publ.com ensures a greater level of data security, because it is integrated with FlippingBook Publisher. The technical limitations of the FTP protocol prevent us from being able to guarantee complete confidentiality when it is used to upload to your own server, but a publication stored on Publ.com is absolutely secure.
  • Significantly reduced server load. You can upload information and embed it on a website without having to deal with complicated settings, server speeds, or technical issues. A server going down won’t stop you from working with your publications and sharing them on social networks or via email.
Choose between these three embedding options:

1. Full publication: A full publication is available directly on the page. Readers can turn pages, read the content and enjoy all the features without any redirects.

2. Animated spread: An open book with a flipping corner is presented on the webpage. By clicking on it, the reader is redirected to the publication. Users can manually select which spread is shown on the page. This embedding option is unavailable from the FlippingBook Publisher interface.

3. Linkable page: You can display one or more book covers on your website. By clicking on them, Users will be redirected to the corresponding publications. This is a great option if you need to embed several publications on a single page or if there are particular space limits on the page.

Try Publ.com now! Purchasing FlippingBook Publisher gets you 200 MB of storage for publications for the entire Support and Updates period. You can also upgrade and receive more storage space. Available plans offer 2 GB, 5 GB, 10 GB, 20 GB, or 30 GB.