What can I track using Google Analytics?

One of awesome features of FlippingBook Publisher is Google Analytics support, so you can track the detailed usage statistics for your publication any time. 

To start using this tool, create a Google Analytics account. The process is very simple:

1. Go to http://www.google.com/analytics/ and click “Create an account”.

Google Analytics Main Page

2. Log in to the system using your existing Gmail address or create a new one.

Google Analytics Log In

3. In the next step, click the “Sign Up” button.

Google Analytics Sign Up

4. Fill in the page with information about your web resource.

Website Information

5. That’s it! Now you’ve got a tracking ID for Google Analytics and you can insert your UA code in all your publications to monitor traffic.

If you already use Google Analytics, you don’t need to create a new account to monitor your publications’ statistics. Simply insert your existing UA code in the appropriate field.


Google Analytics can also be used with digital documents published to Publ.com.

After you upload your publication, statistics will start gathering. It will be available on Google Analytics website within 24 hours.

The following statistics is available in Google Atalytics:

1. Number of views for each page, both normal and zoomed format.
2. Number of unique visitors
3. Audience description
4. Traffic Sourses
5. Events (links clicking, sharing, searching, zooming).

The first reported item is Audience


You can see:

1. The number of visits (Audience/Overview)
2. Viewers' languages and location (Audience/Demographics)
3. Proportion between new and returning visitors (Audience/Behavior/New vs Returning)
4. Frequency of visits (Audience/Behavior/Frequency & Recency)
5. Visit duration (Audience/Behavior/Engagement)
6.  Browsers, OS and network used by viewers (Audience/Technology) 
7. Mobile devices usage (Audience/Mobile)

You can see: the number of visits, the proportion between new and returning visitors, frequency of visits, the countries of visitors etc. You can also see the browsers and mobile devices they have used when viewing your publication.


Then, you can see the Traffic Sources. 

Traffic Sources

It allows you to see where the viewers came from.

Traffic Sources/Sources/All Traffic shows the pages visited before opening your publication.

All Traffic

Content section allows you to see the number of each page viewing. Separate statistics is gathered for normal and zoomed mode.


Content/Events/Overview/Events Action allows you to see what users have done while reading your publication. It includes tracking the number of shares, search events, external links usage and saving your publication.


To see more detailed statistics you need to click on Content/Events/Overview/Events Label