What can I track using Google Analytics?

If you are setting up a Google Analytics account for the first time, please check this article for detailed instructions.

After your publication with a UA-number is made available online, you will need to wait up to 48 hours while Google aggregates statistics.

Here’s what you will then be able to track:

  1. Number of views for each page, both normal and zoomed format, changing between pages.
  2. Number of unique visitors.
  3. Audience description.
  4. Traffic sources.
  5. Events:
    • link clicking
    • sharing
    • searching
    • zooming
    • printing
    • saving PDF
  6. E-Commerce events:
    • opening product window
    • closing product window
    • adding product to cart
    • updating cart
    • checkout

When you open the Google Analytics Dashboard, Audience / Overview displays general data: 



The following statistics are available here:

  1. The number of visits (Visits graph and numbers)
  2. Viewers' languages and location (Language table)
  3. Proportions of new and returning visitors (Diagram)
  4. Average page depth (Pages / Visit graph)
  5. Visit duration (Avg. visit duration graph)
  6. Browsers, OS, and network used by viewers (System)
  7. Mobile device usage and their characteristics (Mobile).

You can check the traffic sources in Acquisition – Overview: 


This option allows you to see the sources from which viewers originated. If you'd like to see real time traffic, go to Real Time - Traffic Sources.

Acquisition/All Traffic shows the pages visited before opening your publication:



The Behavior – Overview – Event Action tab allows you to see the actions taken by users while reading your publication – zooming, cart usage, saving, and other actions. It includes tracking of the number of shares, search events, and external links followed.



The Behavior – Overview – Page Title tab shows the total number of Pageviews per publication:


You can see the number of views for each page in the Behavior – Site Content – All Pages section. Separate statistics are gathered for normal and zoomed mode:


For more detailed statistics click on the Behavior/Events/Overview/Events Label.