• Subscription based FlippingBook Publisher

FlippingBook Publisher can be used on a subscription base. In this case you pay for one year. During this year you can use Publisher as often as you want, and make as many publications as you want and upload them to your (or your client's) server. You are always entitled to use the latest version of the software and get full support from our helpdesk with any questions and problems.After this year, you can continue your subscription, or cancel it.

To make sure that you use the product that best suits your needs, without paying for things that you don’t use, there are several choices that you can make. We will explain them briefly below. For more detailed information refer to Optimize your FlippingBook Publisher license:

In this article we describe:

Full pricing plan

Base license

We offer two editions of FlippingBook Publisher: Professional and Business. The edition determines which functionality is available to you. For a detailed overview of all features, see our pricing page https://flippingbook.com/order

Prices for a subscription license are as follows:

Edition US$ Euro GBP
Professional (per year)


€399 £349
Business (per year)


€699 £649

At this moment, it is not yet possible to buy a subscription directly on our site. If you are interested, then please contact us, and leave a message. Kindly let us know which edition you are interested in, if you need any additional workstations and/or unlimited cloud usage. We will be happy to provide you with a quote.



Additional users/workstations

By default, Flippingbook Publisher can be used by one user, on one computer. If you want to use the software on multiple computers, or with multiple users, then you can buy additional users at any time.

 Additional User US$ Euro GBP
Professional (per year)


€249 £219
Business (per year)


€349 £299

Please note that charges are calculated pro-rata. For example, you have been using Business edition for 7 months, and now want to add an additional user. You have 5 months of subscription time remaining, so the actual charge that we make for the upgrade is $399 * (5/12) = $166.25. To buy additional users, please contact us. Leave your license email address and the amount of extra users that you need. We will be happy to provide you a quote.



Unlimited Cloud

By default, you can host 3 active publications on our FlippingBook cloud. If you need more publications to be active at the same time, then you can switch to ‘unlimited cloud’. Prices per year are as follows:

Unlimited Cloud US$ Euro GBP

Professional (per user, per year)




Business (per user, per year)




Again, charges are calculated pro-rata. For example, you have Business edition with 2 users, and have been using that for 4 months. Now want to switch to Unlimited cloud. You have 8 months of subscription time remaining, so the actual charge that we make for the upgrade is $299 * (8/12 months) * 2 (users) = $398.67



Upgrade Publisher edition

You can upgrade to a higher edition by paying an upgrade fee:

Edition US$ Euro GBP

From Professional to Business

 + per additional user 


+ $100


+ €100


+ £80

 Again, charges are calculated pro-rata with regard to the remaining subscription time. An additional fee may apply if you use unlimited cloud. We will be happy to calculate the exact costs for you.


Changing billing information

If you use the autorenew option for Support and Updates or Unlimited Cloud, then we will automatically charge you for another year when these services are about to expire. It is of course possible that your credit card details change in the meantime. In that case, you can update them in your online account.



Review billing history

All payments that you have made to us are stored in your online account. To review them or download the invoice, log in, and click on the ‘View Billing history’ link.



Cancelling and resuming your subscription

If you decide that you (temporarily) don’t want to use FlippingBook Publisher any more, then you can cancel your subscription in your online account. If you cancel your subscription, then we will stop making further charges. You can still continue to use the software for the remaining period that you have already paid for. If you host publications on our Cloud, then they will also stay available until the end of your subscription period.

Note that canceling your subscription is NOT a refund for the remaining time. For refunds, please refer to our refund policy.

You can cancel your subscription in your online account.

If you have cancelled your subscription, your account will not be deleted. You can always resume your subscription later in your online account as well.



What if there is a problem with your renewal?

If you have an active subscription, then we will try to charge you automatically for the next year when your subscription expires. If for some reason we don't succeed (e.g. because there has been a change in your card details), then we will not immediately shut down your service. Your publications on FlippingBook Cloud will stay available for 14 more days. We will contact you and this way we will have plenty of time to resolve any difficulties, without your readers suffering from it.  

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