• What are the project types for?

This article is about Flash publication. We highly recommend you to create HTML5 publications instead of Flash ones. You can convert your existing Flash publications to HTML5 using this instruction.


When you import a PDF file into FlippingBook Publisher, the first setting you see is the Project Type setting:


Project type is a pre-set combination of default features that shape your publication and define its rough outline. Note that some features cannot be changed once a specific publication has been created.

There are currently five project types inside FlippingBook Publisher. So what are the differences between them?



By default, this project type comes with a soft cover, thin pages, and flipping effect. It opens with the Office Gray skin and book size 93% — skin and size can be changed later if required.

This project type is a good choice for presenting your product catalogs, brochures, and business related documentation.

See here for examples of catalogs.

And brochures can be seen here.


This project type comes with sliding, rather than flipping, effect. It includes single page view and is more suitable for presentation/report format or documents containing several pages, where attention to detail is important.

Examples of documents / presentations can be seen here.


Like the Catalog, this project type has a soft cover, flipping effect, and double page view, but it comes with less formal Beige Interior skin and a slightly bigger Book size — both 95%, which makes this project type suitable for publishing periodical literature such as magazines, newspapers, and pocket books.

You can see examples of magazines here.


This project type comes with a hard cover and thick pages. It includes classic looking Dark Wood publication skin; Book is the same as for Magazines — 95%.

The Book project type is suitable for books, textbooks, dictionaries, and other large publications.

Examples of books can be seen here.


This project type has single page view, sliding effect, and thumbnails next to the publication for better navigation between the images. It is a good choice for photo galleries, portfolios, and photo albums.

It gives a digital gallery effect as you can see in our examples.

If you are not sure what project type you need upon creating a publication, feel free to check the description and built-in demos while making your choice. To do so, just select the type in which you are interested and click on it. The live demo will appear in the window on the right:


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