• What is FlippingBook Reader app for?

We’ve created iOS and Android FlippingBook Reader apps so that readers can store publications on their devices and read them offline.

iOS Android

Publications created in FlippingBook Publisher Professional edition and higher and hosted on FlippingBook Cloud can be opened in the browser of mobile device and also saved for off-line use. Once reader will open such publication, banner will appear offering reader to install FlippingBook Reader app and save publication in it:


In case reader will close the banner, but will still wish to save publication for off-line use in FlippingBook Reader app, it will be possible to do so in Download menu:


Once the publication is saved in app, reader can see the publications without Internet connection, add his own bookmarks, arrange his shelf with publications:

You can see how the apps work with our examples or by creating test publication in trial version and opening it on your mobile device.

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