• How do I work with a bookshelf?

Beside other features, FlippingBook Cloud provides an opportunity to create a collection of publications that can be shared as a bookshelf. You can find an example of such a collection here.

To create a collection, host some of your publications on FlippingBook Cloud. Then click on the "FlippingBook Cloud" button in the toolbar:

In a newly opened FlippingBook Cloud Manager window you can create collection by clicking on this option in the left panel:

Specify the name you’d like you collection to have — and you have new collection created.

Now select publications and add them to the collection you’ve just created by clicking "Add to collection":

In case you’d like to select publications for collection first and then add them, it is also possible - just do the selection and click on "Create collection from selected". Once you enter the name of this new collection, it will be created.

After creating a collection, you can manage it by hovering the mouse over the collection name and opening the dropdown menu. The following options will appear:

"Open" will show you your collection in browser.

"Share" will allow to share this collection in form of bookshelf and get the code for embedding collection.

"Access Mode" (in Business edition) provides you with content protection tools for collection, which can be useful in case of subscription for particular publications.

In "Settings" you can edit your collection name and URL:

And you can also delete your collection here by choosing the "Delete" option. This will just delete the collection, the publications themselves will not be affected — they will remain on FlippingBook Cloud.

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