• The font I used for my publication can’t be displayed in labels on other computers

This can happen if the chosen font is not set on other computers and the option “Use System Fonts for Captions” is enabled.  

FlippingBook Publisher uses two different types of fonts: embed and system.

Embed fonts are part of the publication and can be displayed correctly on any PC no matter if the font is set or not. 

System fonts can be applied to reduce the publication size as they already exist in the system set on your client's PC. In case the chosen font doesn’t exist on the client’s PC then the first system font from the following list will be used: 

  1. Lucida Sans Unicode
  2. Tahoma, Verdana
  3. Arial
  4. Times New Roman.

Embed fonts are used in FlippingBook Publisher by default. Make sure that the “Use System Fonts for Captions” option in Skin Editor is disabled if the fonts are not displayed correctly on your client's PC. 

In order to apply the changes simply update a publication on your website or on FlippingBook Cloud.

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