• How to embed a bookshelf on your own site?

If you have created a collection, then all the publications in that collection can be displayed on a bookshelf. The standard bookshelf link has a few problems though: the URL takes users away from your site, to your FlippingBook cloud domain, and the cloudy background doesn’t suit everyone.

If either of these is a problem, then you may want to consider embedding the bookshelf to your own site:

Embedding a bookshelf isn’t too difficult, but there are a few things to keep in mind for optimal results.

To get embed code:

  1. Right click on the collection name.
  2. Press "Share".
  3. Go to the "Insert to Site" tab.

Note! The tab "Insert to Site" only appears when the collection is Public.

In the ideal situation, the bookshelf is embedded in such a way that no additional scrollbars appear on the sides and bottom. This will create a much better user experience. That means that we will have to use the correct width and height.

The standard width of the bookshelf is 880 pixels, which we would advise not to lower. You could however increase it a bit to 920 pixels. If a scrollbar is added to the right after all, then there is still room for this scrollbar to appear.

The height is dependent on the number of publications in the collection. Every shelf contains 5 books (irrespective of the size).

 Number of publications               Minimal height
 1-5 296 
 6-10 537
 11-15 778
 16-20 1019
 Every additional 5 publications Add 241 pixels 


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