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This article is about Flash publication. We highly recommend you to create HTML5 publications instead of Flash ones. You can convert your existing Flash publications to HTML5 using an instruction.

FlippingBook Publisher version 2.5 or higher allows Professional and Business Editions users to integrate online shops into their publications. Now readers can purchase goods and services directly from your catalog.

How do I create interactive items in my catalog?

Import a document into FlippingBook Publisher. Set the shop Currency and the Checkout Type (Direct Links to your website or an Embedded Cart) in the Checkout Options. 

E-Commerce Checkout Options Window

Select a page in the Pages browser and right-click it. Select “Edit” in the menu that appears.

Edit Page

Create a list of products on the page. Click the “New Product” button to add a new item to the list.

E-Commerce New Product

Create an item description for each product, filling in the fields you need. If you chose Direct Links in the Checkout Options, fill in the URL field with the link to the respective product on your website. You can also attach an image to each description.

E-Commerce New Product Window

You can adjust the look of your product links by changing the color, area and other properties.

E-Commerce Item Properties

If you need to make changes to a price or description in your catalog, just open the project of your publication, edit the necessary items and refresh it on FlippingBook Cloud. There’s no need to create a new project.

Your item list can be saved and later used in another season’s catalog. Click on the icon in the top right-hand corner and press “Save Products List…” for the list you’ve created, or press “Load Products List…” to add an existing list to your new catalog.

E-Commerce Product List Window
You can find more information about working with product lists here.

Checkout Options

There are different ways to checkout.

The first one is Direct Links to products in your web-store. The links will take customers to your website, where they can order or purchase your goods and services.

The second one is an Embedded Cart, which lets users add products to the Cart directly from the catalog and then purchase them using PayPal or by placing an e-mail order. If you are using PayPal, please specify your PayPal account (if you have no account, you can create one at PayPal.com). If you are using the e-mail order option, please specify the e-mail address where you would like to receive orders and the subject of the e-mails.

E-Commerce Checkout Options - Embedded Cart

Sandbox is a PayPal feature that allows you to test the purchase process without writing off any funds from your account.

Note: Don't forget to disable the Sandbox feature before distributing your digital catalog.

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