• How can I protect my publication from unauthorized viewing and copying?

This article is about Flash publication. We highly recommend you to create HTML5 publications instead of Flash ones. You can convert your existing Flash publications to HTML5 using this instruction.

When you host publications on your own server, there are several ways to protect their content. The simplest way is to disable the download, print, select text and share options in your publications (this can be done before you upload your publications, using Properties –> Publication Components in FlippingBook Publisher). These protection methods are available in all editions.

The Business edition of FlippingBook Publisher provides more reliable methods for content protection, which are available under Properties –> Main Settings –> Publication Security: 


The first option is Password Protection. You can give a publication a password, which you share with specific viewers. They will need to enter the password to see the publication:



The second method of protection is Content Encryption. Usually the pages of your publication are stored as SWF files, which can be downloaded from the server or copied from the browser cache. These files can be saved and opened with Flash Player. To prevent this, you can encrypt the content of the pages using the content protection feature. This encodes each page separately and they cannot be decoded without using a special key. Basically, this makes it impossible to view any pages outside your publication or copy any part of it.

The third option is to specify a list of allowed domains to which your publication can be uploaded. Your project or the publication cannot be uploaded to any other domains, except those listed using this feature.

Note: These protection methods are applicable to the desktop (Flash) version of your publication only. Publication security for mobile and basic HTML versions is only provided on FlippingBook Cloud. Otherwise, we recommend to disable creating mobile and basic HTML versions. 

If you want to protect  your publication, we recommend that you take a look at access settings for publications on FlippingBook Cloud.

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