• How to start working with FlippingBook Online?

FlippingBook Online is a subscription service that, helps you deliver your content to customers and other interested parties. Our application is based on the two main tasks of delivering great content: preparing the publication and delivering it to your customers.

In this article you’ll learn some basics about how to start using FlippingBook Online and how to find resources that can help you as you work.

Before you start

FlippingBook Online is a web-based application that works in most web browsers, which means you don’t need to download or install any software on your computer. To make sure FlippingBook Online works properly in your browser, you should enable pop-ups and JavaScript.

You’ll find a number of resources available to you on the FlippingBook site as you learn more about creating publications, including answers to before-purchase questions, how-to instructions and a troubleshooting guide.

When you start working with FlippingBook Online, you agree to Terms of Use. It’s important that you remain in compliance.

Prepare the content

The foundation of great content is a neatly created PDF document. It can be a catalog of your products, your magazine or a newsletter for your customers. When you create a publication in FlippingBook Online, you’re prompted to upload a PDF file that is saved on your computer.

After you’ve uploaded it, you can change the publication in several ways:

  • Choose a skin of your choice that best suits your content
  • Update the name of the publication (default is taken from PDF file)
  • Update the description (optional)
  • If you want to disable options like ’download’ or ’share’ in your publication-feel free to do so
  • A button with your website link can be added
  • Add a Navigation tab (on the side of the screen) with a TOC or thumbnails of pages
  • Right-to-Left publications should be shown correctly automatically, but you can change the direction manually as well

The Optimal Plan allows you to customize:

  • Set your own logo and favicon to replace the default FlippingBook ones
  • Upload a background image of your choice

The Advanced plan allows you to customize even more:

  • Add unlimited number of flipbooks
  • To have unlimited number of users

Get step-by-step instructions on creating your first FlippingBook Online publication.

At FlippingBook, we’re serious about security and reputation—yours and ours. By default, your publications in FlippingBook Online use a secure TLS protocol and are safely saved on Amazon servers and are quickly delivered to your clients.

Deliver the content

The next part of delivering your publication to customers is to share it with your clients. There are several ways to do that—direct web link, social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter), or including content directly in your blog, e-shop, digital newsletter, etc. We make sure it looks neat and has a relevant name and description—you can customize these at any time.

When it’s time to include your publication on your own website, you’ll find two basic layouts you can use and customize easily without having to know HTML.

You can change anything in your publication in FlippingBook Online even after you have shared it with customers.

View your stats

You’ve shared you publications, but it’s not over yet! A key component of successful content marketing is tracking customers’ engagement so you can provide more of what your customers want and less of what they don’t want.

With the Optimal and Advanced plans, you may setup Google Analytics for your account and see how many customers engaged with your recent publications. You can click over to the Events section to dig further or create specific reports.

FlippingBook Online’s open- and click-tracking tells you how many people looked at your content. It also shows which links they clicked, and even their geolocation.

Features list:

  • Multi-platform and browser-based online service
  • Easy and quick customization with one of 24 professionally designed skins
  • Custom branding options with the Optimal Plan and Advanced plans
  • Effortless sharing to popular social networks
  • Unlimited number of publications
  • Powerful embedding on your own website
  • Google Analytics integration for serious statistics tracking with the Optimal and Advanced plans
  • Convenient subscription: monthly or yearly
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