• How does website registration work? What does 2 or unlimited websites mean?

You need to register domain names for online HTML publications only. No registration is required for offline EXE publications made in PDF Publisher Professional.

In order to have an online HTML publication working properly on your website, you need to register this websites domain name in PDF Publisher (Settings / License Manager). If the website’s domain name has already been registered, no more registrations are required.

When indicating domain names for registration, you need to omit the http:// prefix. The www. prefix may either be used, or not; this does not influence the registration process. You do not need to register catalogues one-by-one. For example, if your publication's address is http://www.site.com/my-publication/index.html, you need to register the site.com domain name. Sub-domains do not need to be registered.

Please note that you need to register a domain name before creating a publication. If the publication was created first, you have to publish it once again after tregistration and, if necessary, re-upload it to your website.

For each registered domain name, you may create an unlimited number of publications. If you need to create publications for more than 2 websites (for the Basic version), you may purchase additional licenses separately:

1 additional website - €50 ($70)

5 additional websites - €150 ($250)

10 additional websites - €250 ($350)

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