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Quick Start

Once you launched the FlippingBook PDF Publisher you can easily convert any of you pdf documents to an amazing representation by only clicking “import” then “publish” buttons.

Application Interface

Publisher toolkit

Toolbar Buttons


Creates a new project with the default settings.


Opens previously saved project.


Saves current project.

Import PDF

Imports a .pdf document and converts it to pages of the flipping book.


Publish project to .exe(for desktop) or to .html(for web).

Property Editor

Publisher settings

This window represents all settings that could be changed. It has two view: Basic and Advanced. Basic view has all main settings that are usually needed, other settings will appear in advanced view. Each setting has a description that is shown in the bottom of the property editor window. The “+” sign means an expandable property group. More information about skin settings could be found in skin parameter description chapter.

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