• Advantages Over Competitors

You are not tied to the other's server and per-pages costs. All files are stored on your server and you do not depend on anybody.

The system requirements to your site are minimal. You do not need PHP, ASP, mySQL or any other server applications to be installed. You do not need programming skills. The installation procedure is just a files copying on the server. The interface can be almost completely customized. FlippingBook HTML Edition can be easily integrated to any existing design and brand style. You can use a great variety of book interface settings.

You are not limited to use only PDF or pictures. Pages can contain any images and SWF files. Using habitual methods of document managing: zooming on double-click, mouse-wheel rolling. Working with Flash Player 8 and above. This increases the number of potential users in comparison with competitors demanding Flash Player 9.

Memory management. In contrast to competitors products, the big catalog will not occupy hundreds of megabytes of PC memory.

Fully localizable texts. You can change all text descriptions.

Any function (zooming, saving, etc) can be turned off. To do this, just take the corresponding button away from the control panel.

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