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Book Pages

This parameter is a set of paths to the component page content sources. The order of pages is determined by the order the paths are specified. The paths can be library link IDs and paths to external swf and jpg files. If a path is incorrect, an empty page will be created. Any book contains an even number of pages, therefore if you specify an odd number of pages, an empty page will be added in the end of the book. The pages are numbered beginning from 0.

First Page Number

Number of the page from which the book will be opened upon the start of playing the movie.

Always Opened



This parameter determines the appearance of the book. If its value is True, the book is always opened, if False, you may add the front and rear cover pages and make your book open and close.

Autoflip Area Size

This parameter determines the size of the area near the book edges for automatic flip starting upon bringing the mouse pointer to that area. To disable this effect, set this parameter to 0.

Flip on Click

This parameter determines whether flipping will be started by mouse clicking a page. If set to False, flipping will not start.

Page Moving Speed

This parameter sets the relative page moving speed during flipping. The higher its value the higher the speed and lower the page moving smoothness. The default value is 2.

Page Closing Speed

This parameter sets the relative page moving speed during closing.

GotoPage Speed

This parameter sets the relative page moving speed during the gotoPage(n) operation.

Shadows Depth

This parameter sets the shadows depth in pages. If set to 0, no shadows appear.

Flip Sound

This parameter is the path to the flip sound source file. Its value may be either an external mp3 file path or a movie clip library link ID. If the name is incorrect, the component will not work.

Page Background Color

This parameter determines the page background color. The color will be displayed when loading pages and used as color for empty pages. The color should be set in RGB in the following format: 0xNNNNNN, where N is a hexadecimal number (0-F).

Load Pages on Demand



This parameter controls page caching. If set to True, a page will be loaded only when the user browses all the previous ones. If set to False, all the pages will be loaded upon the start of the component.

Cache Pages

This parameter determines the page caching necessity. If set to True, all the pages will be saved in the component software cache and not reloaded on next demand. If set to False, pages will be reloaded on every demand. This allows creating books with dynamic pages. The default value is True.

Use Preloader

This parameter determines the necessity of using the preloader during page loading. If set to True, the preloader will be used, otherwise it will not be used. The preloader is only used for page loading. You may edit the preloader by customizing its appearance. To do this open the FB components\Premium Page Flip component\PagePreloader directory in the movie library, select the preloader symbol and edit it. Ensure that the scaled component has the name bar_mc.

External XML Source

This parameter sets the name of the external XML file with the component settings. If no name is specified, the development environment settings will be used. If the name is incorrect, the component will not work.

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