• Component Parameters


A Boolean parameter. Determines whether or not the magnifier glass will be visible when the component starts up. The component is not visible by default.

Default Magnification

Determines the initial zooming factor of the page content. Default factor is x2

Maximum Magnification

Determines the maximum zooming factor of the page content. The user may change the factor of magnification from the initial to the maximum value. Maximum factor by default is x3

Book Instance Name

Instance Name of the book component. This parameter is obligatory and has no default value.

Background Color

Color of the page background field. This color will be used to imitate the book’s background. Default value: #CCCCCC


Text of the window header. Default value: Close Up View

Large Version ID

An identifier that can be used to set the URL of large page versions in the Book Pages parameter of the book component.

Defining files for zooming in XML file

To do this type the path to the file with the enlarged version in the page description tag: images/page01.jpg

In this case, the file "images/page01_larger.jpg" will be used for zooming the page "images/page01.jpg".

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