How Nampak uses FlippingBook Publisher to expand and improve the ways of presenting information to its clients

Nampak is a large manufacturer of packaging materials in Africa and the United Kingdom. It makes all kinds of packaging materials out of metal, glass, paper, and plastics for various products—from food and drink to paint, petroleum, and crates. Nampak’s world-class research and development facility supports its businesses, as well as its customers—many of which are among the world’s largest fast-moving consumer goods companies.

A challenge and the search for a solution

Nampak’s team gathers information about new developments and trends in their industry. Most of the work they do is related to preparing content for their publications: they browse through journals and databases to find relevant information and then present it to their colleagues and clients.

Our team makes what we call SPI packs—strategic packaging intelligence packs—which are intended for our senior managers in Africa and the UK. These SPI packs are made on a daily basis. So we present information about new materials, technical product innovation, but also marketing trends, customer surveys, legislation, patents, and anything else to keep them up-to-date with what happens in the packaging industry.

In the past, Nampak had a script that was written specially for making such packs and integrated into its SharePoint application. The result was really good, but the cost of using it was high and it was accessible only to employees who had SharePoint. Users without SharePoint couldn’t access the materials, which was very troublesome for them.

So, in a nutshell, Nampak wanted a solution that:

  • allows Nampak to distribute materials to users who are unable to access the company’s intranet
  • allows materials to be viewed on any mobile device
  • is reasonably priced

Nampak looked at various solutions, but they were either very expensive, or didn’t offer what was needed. So the company decided to go with FlippingBook.


Nampak moved to FlippingBook to create and publish SPI packs with more ease and to present the information in the best way. Aneé describes how the company has integrated FlippingBook into its work:

We have made a template document with all settings and branding which we use to import SPI news and then enrich it. We always add a table of contents, and sometimes add links or images. Publishing all the information on the cloud is fast and easy—it takes no more than half an hour each day.

Apart from that, Nampak creates publications for its clients who want a market or category overview. For example, if a wine manufacturer wants to know what is happening in wine packaging—e.g., is there a move from glass to PET or aluminum, and how significant is it?—Nampak compiles a custom report for them.

It was absolutely crucial to me that we can use the Cloud and add a table of contents, but I also wanted to have the ability to customize all branding options. And then there are a lot of pleasant things: it is very nice that you can download and print individual pages, and I personally love the nice little sound when you flip the page. It is also useful that you can search in a publication, but what I’d like to add is the option to search in all publications that we have in the cloud at the same time.


Moving to FlippingBook hasn’t been as easy as Aneé could have hoped. But in the end, most of Nampak’s users were very happy with solution.

Here’s what Aneé says about how her colleagues and clients use FlippingBook: “In the beginning we had a few negative remarks from users who were accustomed to the previous platform that we used. But now most of the clients seem to have gotten used to FlippingBook, because we did a recent survey and more than 50 percent indicated being very happy with it. I consider using it for our external clients, too, for whom we make market or category overviews. It’s very user-friendly—you don’t need any training to use it. And your customer service is also quite good, your responsiveness, when we needed information before we bought it and also afterwards. We have just renewed and upgraded our subscription.”

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