FlippingBook Publisher editions and prices

BASIC - Best quality digital issues with standard features. Good choice for quick but sound digital publishing.
PROFESSIONAL - Advanced import and design tools plus CD/DVD publishing. Excellent solution for those who want to impress their audience and save time on IT issues.
BUSINESS & CORPORATE - Fully featured software. Most popular choice for companies rapidly expanding their business using modern digital technologies.

  Editions Basic Professional Business Corporate

Lifetime License

You can use the software for an unlimited period of time after you have installed FlippingBook Publisher on your computer.

Lifetime License V V V V


The number of users' computers licensed for installation.

Workstation(s) 1 2 3

Support Service

You get 1 year of unlimited email and phone support. You can pay to increase the duration of the support service.

Support Service V V V V

Regular Software Updates

You get a 1-year subscription for automatic software updates. New features are constantly being added. You can renew your subscription for 6, 12 or 18 months.

Regular Software Updates V V V V
Unlimited Number of Publications

Unlimited Number of Publications

Create an unlimited number of self-hosted publications. One publication can contain up to 2000 pages. Unlimited page views for the readers.

Unlimited Number of Publications V V V V
No Third-party Ads

No Third-party Ads

Publications created with FlippingBook Publisher contain no embedded third party ads, unless you add them yourself in the source document.

No Third-party Ads V V V V
PDF and Image Import

PDF and Image Import

FlippingBook Publisher imports PDFs with a Table of Contents, links and pictures. Images can be uploaded in various formats (JPEG, PNG, BMP and others). Choose "Best quality import" for high resolution images to impress every viewer with your publication.

  • Fast Upload of Large Volumes

    Our unique technology gives you an opportunity to create even 2000 page-long publications. Background page downloading, adaptive publications, and the Content Delivery Network make it comfortable to read such huge documents on any device.

  • Table of Content Extraction

    If you have a Table of Contents that was created in a PDF document, you don’t have to spend time and re-do it in the FlippingBook publication. It's created automatically.

  • Link Extraction

    All links in the PDF document are transferred to the FlippingBook publication.

  • High Resolution Images

    Choose the "Best quality import" option for high resolution images to impress every viewer with your digital publication.

PDF and Image Import V V V V
Advanced Import

Advanced Import

Convert PowerPoint, Word, Excel or any other printable document into a FlippingBook publication. You don’t have to purchase and install an expensive PDF converter to create fully-featured digital publications out of your documents.

Advanced Import X V V V
Rich Media

Rich Media

Having impressed the reader with the realistic page-flipping animation, you can completely stun him with embedded videos, sound, Flash and links to other pages or relevant websites.

  • Video

    Choose a place for your video inside the publication and customize the field size. YouTube and Vimeo formats are supported.

  • Audio

    Add background sound. Toggle the page flip sound On/Off or change it to any other sound.

  • Links

    Mark any text as a link. Each page of the publication has its specific URL, letting you cross-link inside the publication.

  • Flash

    Animate the publication with Flash. Embed *.swf files into pages.

Rich Media X V V V
Visitor Analytics

Visitor Analytics

Trace visits and other data with Google Analytics to be aware of your publication's popularity.

Visitor Analytics X X V V
Access Protection

Access Protection

Protect your FlippingBook Publisher publication with several layers of security, from simple passwords and encryption, to restricting it for posting only on specific websites.

  • Password Protection

    If your publication is an internal document, an e-magazine provided by subscription, or it contains confidential information intended only for a particular audience, then you can protect it with a password.

  • Encryption Protection

    If you do not want your publication to be quoted or for parts of it to be published separately (including text, pictures or diagrams), you can activate the Encryption Protection. This makes it impossible to extract separate parts and elements of the publication, even if the reverse engineering is used.

  • Domain Permission

    Specify the list of websites where your publication can be posted. This is useful when you want your publication to be posted on your and/or your partners’ websites only.

Access Protection X X V V


A customizable shopping cart icon embedded into a publication as an integral part of its organic digital design is the best call to action.

  • Shopping Cart Embedding

    Choose a place for the shopping cart icon and customize its color.

  • Direct Link to Your Web Store

    Link each shopping cart in the catalog to a specific web-page.

  • Item Image and Description in Pop-up Window

    Add the item image and description for the pop-up window.

  • Receiving Orders by E-mail

    Set the Checkout button for e-mail ordering.

  • PayPal Checkout

    Set the Checkout button to receive payments via PayPal.

E-Commerce X X V V
  Excellent Reading Experience        
Realistic Page Flipping

Realistic Page Flipping

We did our best to give readers the feeling of reading a paper issue. A reader can flip the digital page like a real one by dragging each corner or just by quickly clicking on the side of the page. The visual page animation is as realistic as possible with the use of Flash, with a motion speed that resembles the real effect. This, combined with the added sound of flipping pages, helps to evoke the full emotional spectrum.

Realistic Page Flipping V V V V
Intuitive Reader Interface

Intuitive Reader Interface

We've spent 10 years accumulating the best practice in digital publishing and improving our software to make the reading experience as comfortable as possible.

  • Smart Double-click Zooming

    A double-click has a different zooming effect depending on which device is being used to open the publication. On a desktop computer, it fits the page to the screen widthwise, whereas on a mobile device, it fits the text block to the screen widthwise or enlarges the picture.

  • Best Practice Icons

    The purposes of all icons are intuitively understood.

  • Bookmarks

    Each reader can make personal bookmarks.

  • Thumbnails

    Small page preview for convenient navigation.

  • Text Search

    Search needed text within the publication.

  • Text Caption

    Copy text to paste it anywhere.

Intuitive Reader Interface V V V V
Fast Content Delivery

Fast Content Delivery

No matter which device the reader uses the publication will be accessed and explored in the highest possible speed.

  • Background Page Downloading

    A reader doesn’t have to wait for the publication to finish loading. The first page opens in just a few seconds and additional pages are loaded in the background while the first page is being read.

  • Adaptive Publication

    While the viewer sees the preloader (for about 2-3 sec), the publication detects the device and sends only the data relevant for it, ensuring that the volume of the downloaded package is always optimal.

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)

    A publication hosted with our cloud service automatically detects the viewer's location and connects him to the fastest server in the region.

Fast Content Delivery V V V V
iPad, iPhone & Android Device Support

iPad, iPhone & Android Device Support

FlippingBook publication is accessible on any mobile device with the same excellent quality of reading experience as on desktop computer.

  • Text Block Zooming

    Double-tap on a text block to zoom in on it and fit it to the screen size. A second double-tap is for zooming out. With this feature, digital magazine publishers can expand their audience to smartphone users because the reading becomes very convenient.

  • Mobile Version of Publication

    Publishing with FlippingBook means that you're not only creating a Flash magazine, brochure, book or catalog, but also an HTML5 version for every popular smartphone and tablet.

  • iOS and Android Apps

    A reader can easily install the application to his mobile device, store his favorite publication and read it offline. Available only for publications hosted with our cloud service.

iPad, iPhone & Android Device Support V V V V
Multi-language Interface

Multi-language Interface

You can choose from 11 default languages for your publication interface, or submit your own translation if needed.

Multi-language Interface X X V V
  Branding and Design        
Your Logo

Your Logo

Do you want every reader to see your logo and associate your publication with it? Change the default preloader icon to your logo and choose from four animation options to make it more memorable. Done! Now anyone accessing the publication will see your logo while the publication is loading. The default favicon icon of the publication can also be adjusted to your logo.

Your Logo V V V V
10 Beautiful Standard Skins

10 Beautiful Standard Skins

Our professional designers have created 10 standard skins for publications, which you can choose from to make your content look digitally premium and in-line with your business style.

10 Beautiful Standard Skins V V V V
4 Preloader Types

4 Preloader Types

A digital publication becomes more memorable with animated preloaders: a simple square, filling circle, filling line or filling image of your choice.

4 Preloader Types V V V V
Advanced Customization

Advanced Customization (Skin Editor)

For those who's tempted in design we have created a powerful skin editor to change the color of every single element, blur, add gradient and other useful interface customization tools. FlippingBook Publisher gives you a real opportunity to put your digital masterpieces into worthy frames.

Advanced Customization (Skin Editor) X V V V
White Label

White Label

Design, marketing and IT experts and companies can create digital issues for their clients without any mentions of FlippingBook trademarks as if publications were created without our software.

White Label X X V V
  Distribution Options        
Website Embedding

Website Embedding

Showcase magazines, publish seasonal catalogs, or compile study materials or books of one author. Present just one issue or all of your publications.

  • Full Publication

    The full publication with all the navigation elements is available directly on the webpage. You can choose the size of the embedding window.

  • Animated Spread

    An open book with a flipping corner is presented on the webpage. Clicking on it will open the publication in a separate window or tab, depending on your settings.

  • Cover

    The publication's cover becomes a part of the web-page.

Website Embedding V V V V
Cloud Sharing Tools

Cloud Sharing Tools

If you host your publication with our cloud service, you can take advantage of two-click sharing via e-mail and/or social networks.

Cloud Sharing Tools V V V V
FTP Client

FTP Client

Use the built-in FTP client to embed several publications of various formats into a webpage.

FTP Client X V V V
Offline Publications

Offline Publications

Create a PC *.exe or MAC *.app file with your publication and transfer it to a CD, DVD or flash-drive. The publication will open without any additional software.

Offline Publications X V V V
  FlippingBook Cloud Services        
Fast Online Storage

Fast Online Storage (CDN)

You can choose to store your publications with our cloud service to get the fastest access rate for North America and Europe thanks to Amazon CDN technology. CloudFront technology grants fast speed worldwide.

Fast Online Storage (CDN) V V V V
Social Network Sharing

Social Networks Sharing

Enhance your PR and SMM activity by distributing your content instantly from FlippingBook Publisher to popular social networks. As soon as your publication is uploaded to our cloud service, a sharing window will appear automatically. Moreover, your readers can share your publication too if you allow them to.

Social Network Sharing V V V V


Sending large publications is quite a problem. Sometimes your mail cannot send them, and sometimes your recipient’s mailbox cannot receive them. FlippingBook Publisher lets you upload your documents to the cloud with one click so all you have to deliver is a link to your publications. FlippingBook Publisher also includes an integrated e-mail client so your publications can be sent to your clients and business partners in minutes.

E-mailing V V V V
Digital Bookshelf

Digital Bookshelf

Create a collection of publications and put it on a virtual bookshelf. Give the bookshelf a name and surprise your clients with an individual offer presented in a creative format. It can be embedded into a website or presented as an individual link. Publications are renewed instantly.

Digital Bookshelf X V V V
Apps for App Store and Google Play

Apps for App Store and Google Play

Let audience read your publications offline using the convenient and stylish mobile device reader.

Apps for App Store and Google Play X X V V
Publication Management

Publication Management

Control the publishing process by providing specific rights to different users.

Publication Management X X V V
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