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Digital Magazine

“Digital magazine publishing” – it’s just a switch from paper to iPad, iPhone and Android, isn’t it? And an iPad easily opens PDFs, so why choose a bespoke digital publishing solution? Ask any professional publisher, and they'll be quick to correct you. The devil is in the detail. How long will your readers be prepared to wait for a high-quality PDF to download? Will the PDF provide the same luxurious feeling as glossy paper? Will it zoom and focus? How will the reader navigate through the pages? Is there an iOS/Android app for offline reading? FlippingBook Publisher offers solid, professional and impactful answers to these and many other digital publishing questions.

Why should magazine publishers choose FlippingBook to create digital editions?

Anyone involved in magazine publishing knows the effort that goes into crafting just the right look and feel. And it’s easy to understand a publisher’s disappointment when the digital version of a magazine doesn’t make the same impression as the paper one.

A PDF magazine converted to a digital publication with FlippingBook Publisher has the look and feel of the real one. And it offers even more:

  • Realistic page-flipping effect
  • Quality zooming
  • Skin customized in line with the magazine’s design
  • Convenient navigation
  • Text captions
  • “Share” buttons
  • “Save as PDF” option
  • Audio & video
  • Links

These and many other features will boost your digital magazine’s impact.

Hosting in the Publ.com cloud allows digital magazines to be pre-downloaded and read offline in native iPAD, iPhone or Android applications.

Don’t spend time and money on doubtful and costly digital publishing solutions. Try FlippingBook Publisher, and let your magazine’s natural brilliance shine through!