FlippingBook Publisher

Digital Brochure Maker

You've found a brilliant designer and superb marketer, and your brochure or catalog has been converted to PDF format. Now it’s time to think about distribution. Print 1000 copies on glossy paper and hand them out to people in a Mall. How many of them throw this piece of marketing art in the first trash bin they come across? Obviously, you can’t expect a 100% client conversion rate, but each copy in the trash is $5 of your money thrown away – your printing and distribution costs.

Start using effective digital marketing instruments

You do not need any special programming skills to create a digital brochure from your PDF or other printable document using all the advantages of FlippingBook Publisher software:

  • Page flipping animation and sound makes your digital brochure engaging
  • Beautiful skin adds attraction to the content
  • Convenient navigation and perfect zooming ensure that the reader does not miss any important details
  • Your digital brochure can contain links to your site or web store. You can even add an embedded shopping cart
  • Video clips in your brochure will increase the conversion rate.

You can embed your e-brochure in your web site and renew it with one click, or publish the brochure to CD/DVD for Windows and Mac users.

No matter which desktop or mobile device is used to open them, digital brochures created with FlippingBook will look perfect.

Search engines can index the contents of your online brochures, making it possible for anybody to easily find your publication online using Google, Bing, or Yahoo!

On top of all this, you can trace visits to each page of your online brochure, allowing you to know your clients better. Can you do all of this with a PDF or printed brochure? Explore more features on this site and improve the efficiency of your marketing activities today with the easiest solution ever – FlippingBook Publisher.