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Digital Brochure

FlippingBook Publisher makes the distribution of digital marketing materials easy. Using it, you will increase the size of your audience and enhance the effectiveness of your brochures. Publications can be viewed on any device and they can distributed through via multiple channels, e.g. embedded in your website, sent by email, shared on social networks or as offline publications.

Digital Brochure Online Demonstrations

FlippingBook Publisher can create superb digital brochures and annual reports for companies of any size, for publication on a website or distribution to your customers and business partners.

Buying FlippingBook Publisher gives you a comprehensive solution to this business challenge:

  • The total customization of your digital brochures will give your publications a unique design and you can tailor them to suit your company’s brand.
  • FlippingBook Publisher is so simple that anyone at your company can create digital brochures, even someone without experience of programming or design.
  • You can embed video clips in the publications such as a message from your CEO, an advertising piece or news coverage of your company’s activities.
  • Support for mobile devices guarantees a wide readership. Your customers will be able to view your online brochures on their computers, mobile phones or tablets (iPads, iPhones or Android devices) – at work, at home, on the road or away on business.
  • The modern design and novel approach of our e-brochures will set your apart from your competitors and catch the attention of your existing and potential customers and partners.
  • You can add an online brochure to any page of your website. Alternatively, you can send a brochure by email or publish it on your company’s page on any of the popular social networking sites.
  • Search engines can index the contents of your online brochures, making it possible for anybody to find your publication online using Google, Bing or Yahoo!
  • FlippingBook Publisher has excellent information security features, so you can safely distribute confidential information or internal documents to a restricted audience.